Head Chef Cries When He Tastes Gordon’s Food | Hotel Hell

Gordon’s food brings the chef to tears. It must be good.

Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: http://amzn.to/2FznHtk
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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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My Girlfriend’s Pie

Nobody makes pie anymore. I mean, there are places you can go buy a great pie and rave about it, gawk at it’s mysterious crust and filling, wonder how the place where those two worlds meet is not a universe of mish mash, and consume it after your own homemade dinner. You just don’t make pie anymore, do you? This is a great American loss. Pie has fed our families since we got off the boat. Pie has carried America through thick and thin, through hell and high water.

Cooking Tips For Summer Jam Recipes

Now as we are in the middle of summer it is a great time to use the fruits and vegetables available to your advantage. Markets are a great way to go if you are able to do so, and also the grocery stores are filled with fresh local produce.

Making Fresh Sausages

Today in the UK we spend millions of pounds each year on sausages, supermarkets and butchers sell countless flavours, shapes and sizes and several bespoke shops are even now selling gourmet sausages. With the popularity of this food on the increase some people have started to produce their own homemade fresh sausages.

Popular Cooking Magazines

Do you love cooking? Would you like to have the healthiest, most delicious yet most unique dishes that your family would surely love? Are you a health buff that would like to prepare the best vegetarian dishes? Popular cooking magazines are exactly what you need.

All-Spice – The Medicinal Properties

All-spice is a quay ingredient and greatly used in cultural cooking and is native to the Caribbean Islands. When the fruit is dried out at this point the fruit looks like dried peppercorns. The whole fruits are said to have a longer shelf life than the dried powder type. This product produces a more aromatic flavor when freshly ground before use.

Pasta – The Versatile Ingredient to Make Delicious, Easy and Healthy Meals in Less Than 20 Minutes

Pasta is a versatile ingredient if you know how to use it. This article explains how to cook with pasta to make healthy dishes in under 20 minutes.

Ronco Rotisserie For the Best Chicken Ever

One of the best ways to get perfect roast chicken is by using a rotisserie oven. A rotisserie is a style of cooking meat where the meat is skewered on a long rod while it is roasted in an oven.

How to Cook a Steak – Tasty Recipes For Cooking Steak

Lots of ways historically on how to cook a steak. Here in the U.S. everything from on a stick over an open fire to pan cooking a steak to broiling or grilling steaks to baking a steak in the oven is practiced regularly. The heat is over or below or like roasting, indirect or all around.

Vegetarian Cooking – A Must Try

No mind-boggling mystery is involved in whipping up delicious and satisfying vegetarian meals. Flavourful substitutes to the meat ingredients that you used to cook with are now available and easy to find. They can be found in places as near as your corner grocery store.

Safe Food Preparation

Food poisoning is one of the most prevalent illnesses today. Fortunately there are a few common sense precautions we can take to reduce the likelihood of a personal, close up experience with food poisoning.

Pizza Dough Making

Pizza dough making is not difficult. Let us walk you through the steps. The fact is most pizza doughs only have about five very simple ingredients. Flour, water, oil, salt and yeast are the usual suspects.

How to Make Pizza Crust

An overview of how to make pizza crust. It’s really very simple.

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