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Cooking a Turkey: a Review of the Basics

Cooking a whole turkey is just not something we do very often so having a perfect, juicy turkey on Thanksgiving Day can be illusive. Here are a few tips, hints and things to look for when making your turkey.

Kitchen Knives – Why it’s Important to Test Drive Before Buying!

What kind of cooking we do in our kitchen is as individual as the type of cutlery we choose to buy. If you’re out looking to upgrade your kitchen utensils and cutlery, know that as much as you read about a particular brand or model; it’s not the same as test driving the knife for yourself. Why? Take a look at the average size man’s hand compared to that of the average woman as just one example.

The Many Uses of a Flax Seed Grinder

Why and how we use a flax seed grinder.

Saving Time With Your Microwave

The ubiquitous microwave oven is an appliance used daily, both at work and at home. And yet so few people possess the knowledge and skills necessary to reap the maximum productivity from this modern time-saving device. Here are several tips for optimal microwave oven usage:

How To Never Lose Your Keys Again

My wife used to spend an inordinate amount of time hunting for her keys. Each time she came home, she’d toss her keys somewhere different, and then she’d forget where she left them and have to search for them later. Sometimes it would take her 30 minutes or more to find them. At first I became skilled at sensing where she left them, but then I figured my time was better spent elsewhere.

Freezing Cookies

One of the most frequently asked questions when baking cookies is: how do you cut down preparation time for parties or special events? The answer is simple; freeze your dough or cookies ahead of time.

Capt’n Salsa’s Fool Proof Chile Heat Index

Capt’n Salsa’s Fool Proof Chile Heat Index. Capt’n Salsa answers your questions, how hot are those chiles and what can you do about it if you get just a little carried away with the heat.

Turkey Tips for Thanksgiving

Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner is now easy task and I am sure the Harvest of 1641 was no exception for the Plymouth Pilgrim Colony. You think you have your work cut out for you, they had 90 Indians show up and the feast lasted three days. There are many things that you need to know about preparing a large feast even you are only have 9 Indians show up at your house.

Dumplings: My Deepest Culinary Secret

When I was a boy I had two neighbors vying for my affection. One was Mrs. Matthews from Germany. The other was Mrs. Mullins who was from Sweden. These two ladies had the common habit of running out into the road whenever a horse passed by. Mrs. Mullins knew how to make dumplings. The results of my years of research to duplicate her dumplings.

Tools For Your Gourmet Kitchen

Chop, chop, chop! No kitchen is complete without a set of cutlery. When it comes to cutlery for your kitchen, you have lots of choices. But the most important thing to have is a Chef’s knife.

Food Poisoning – The Holiday Gift You Don’t Want!

Think of holidays and you think of food. But in the hustle and bustle of the holidays it’s easy to overlook food safety. Don’t get food poisoning for the holidays! These tips for fixing meals at home, sharing meals at work, and eating at restaurants, will keep you and your family safe.

What if Cooking a Turkey was Hard?

Would Thanksgiving Supper be only celebrated by a few? What if Edward Winslow did not send four men out to shoot fowl and bring them back for the 1621 Harvest Feast, which inspired our current traditional Thanksgiving Holiday Family Feast?

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