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Wok this Way! (Part 2 of 5) Selecting a Wok

Woks come in 2 different bottoms, the traditional round-bottomed woks, and the “westernized” flat-bottomed woks. Both have their advantages, but there’re reasons that the traditional wok lasted thousands of years in Chinese kitchens. The flat-bottomed woks do not heat as evenly. The flattened area creates a little angle around the bottom that makes it harder to manipulate your cooking utensil. Food may get caught in this area, becoming overcooked or even burnt due to the lack of movement.

Barbecue for You

We all love a great barbecue but just where did it originate ? learn about its history and how it came about.

Wok this Way! (Part 1 of 5)

Since the essence of Chinese cuisine is to achieve food tenderness through quick cooking to retain the natural taste, flavor, and color of the ingredients, the wok’s ingenious unique design makes it a perfect fit in Chinese cooking. Its bottom concentrates heat to achieve 2 objectives: 1) to direct the heat at the food, while sealing in the flavors and allowing food to be cooked evenly, and 2) to allow cooking food quickly with very little oil.

Cooking — What You Need To Know

From ancient times till the nineteenth century cooking was basically a survival skill. The nineteenth century marked the division of cooking into two main categories.

Cake Baking Tip Guide

Expert cake baking tip guide makes your cake creation a sweet success! Proper baking and preparation ensure a fantastic finish to every party cake. Sweet secrets revealed!

Kid Birthday Cake Idea Collection – Cake Decorating Without Fear

You don’t have to be a pastry chef to create a professional quality cake for your child’s birthday or other special event. Our kid birthday cake idea collection makes cake decorating fun and fearless. Learn unique and easy cake decorating ideas to make spectacular homemade cakes.

Cooking With Kids–Safely!

A few things to remember when cooking with kids, plus a few kid-friendly recipes.

Barbequing, a Fun and Convenient Way to Make Dinner

There’s nothing more enjoyable than having friends and family gathered around amidst the wonderful smells of charcoal-grilled prawns, vegetables and selected favorites. Barbecuing is one of those time- honored rituals that go hand in hand with summertime. Whether you’re in your backyard or at you’re favorite camping site, barbecuing is a pleasure to be enjoyed by the whole family.

To Fry Or Not To Fry?

Is frying food really as bad for you as you were lead to believe? Well, maybe. But it sure is good!

What is a Serving Size?

Have you ever wondered how much a serving really is. Well, pull out your box of raisin bran, grab the milk a bowl and a spoon. Now fill up your bowl with cereal pour on the milk and get ready. This is around four servings.

Baking Bread in a Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens were made for baking. In the hands of a practiced baker, a Dutch oven will create beautiful breads and desserts. (Though some of us tend to burn breads in a Dutch oven.) You can always bake bread in a well-oiled Dutch oven but instead of baking directly in the oven, consider this method: Put the dough in a baking pan and the pan in the Dutch oven.

Picnic Tips and Tricks

The most difficult task of a picnic is remembering everything. Make a list on the computer of everything you might need for a picnic. Then as you pack, check off the items that you really need. Save the list for the next picnic or camping trip. When you return, add items that you wished you had taken. Eventually, you’ll have the perfect list for your family.

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