hating Gabi na ano kaya ginagawa nila may bago na naman

How to Sharpen a Knife

All chefs who go to a western-style catering college, and most butcher’s apprentices, are taught to sharpen their knives by swiping the cutting edge several times on a steel towards the hand that is holding that implement. I used to do it that way as well, many years ago.

Rachael Ray, You Have Done It Again

Try a night of cooking with Rachael Ray! Well ok, a night of cooking with Rachael’s new cookware set! This wonderful cookware set is top-of-the-line and adds beauty to any kitchen!

Cooking With a Cast Iron Skillet

If you don’t have a cast iron skillet in your kitchen you are missing out. A cast iron skillet is far superior to other pans in a number of ways and is perfect for some recipes.

Baking Tips For Cakes – Cake Baking Made Easy

This article takes you through a brief history of cake baking and takes you, step by step, through the elements necessary to have your cakes turn-out perfectly each and every time. You will learn a little of the science of cake baking so that you can make perfectly light and airy cakes each and every time…

Cooking For Pleasure, Form of Expression and Stress Release

Cooking may be a profession for some people. With this, they earn a living. Others pursue it as a lifetime career and travel distances because of their strength in cooking. Cooking may just mean as the act of preparing food in a raw phase and use heat in order for humans to digest it easily. However, it may mean a lot to some people especially those who consider it a form of living. And, those who take it as a good form of hobby regard it of value.

English Independence Day BBQ Cooking

It all started over two hundred years ago with oppression and taxation by the British crown and ended up with a war. I am not sure why the American nation chooses to celebrate its separation from the British on July 4th but as a barbecue enthusiast I can really see the benefits. Being a native of the country that lost the war of independence I look at our national holidays and wonder what I have done to deserve the dates we have.

Imagination – The Key to Using Wild Ingredients

Cooking with and incorporating wild ingredients into various dishes is actually simpler than many people think. Rather than searching for a particular recipe written for the wild food you happen to have picked it’s much easier to use the properties of the wild food: its taste, texture and nature; to use it as a substitute in an ordinary recipe. Indeed, the true key to using wild-sourced ingredients in your cookery is knowing which common or farmed ingredient they are similar to. That way you just make your ordinary recipes but include a wild-sourced food in the cookery process.

Easy Cooking Along With Easy Cleanup Makes the Job a Lot Easier For Anyone

Do you want to do some cooking but you don’t know what to cook? What about the cleanup after the meal is over? No one likes doing that. Find out how you can do easy cooking and easy cleanup all at the same time to save yourself time and work.

Too Hot to Cook

Keeping It Cool – Summertime Cooking Tips The last thing we want to do in the hot summer is heat up the kitchen cooking dinner. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to feed your family and still beat the heat. Breakfast is fairly easy since fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, cereals and smoothies are delicious in the A.

Healthy Cooking Tips

More and more, Americans are avoiding the kitchen and relying on the convenient yet fattening fare offered at fast food restaurants and other national chains. While most people are aware that cooking at home is an effective way to save money, many of us ignore the fact that preparing our own meals can be beneficial to our health, as well. When taking steps to prepare meals in the healthiest possible way, you can not only develop a healthy relationship with food, but also probably have a little fun in the process.

Cooking Without the Oven Or Broiler – That Rocks!

I am writing here about cooking because I am not thrilled about cooking. My idea of cooking is to press the button on the microwave. So it might be hard to come up with interesting meals when you use nothing but a microwave. Can you do it?

Five Useful Tips For an Easier Time in the Kitchen

As crazy at it sounds I like to cook. It gives a chance to be a bit creative and according to my family sometimes I get “too” creative. Usually that turns into pizza night. We’ll save that story for another time. I wanted to come up with some helpful tips that I think everyone can use. These tips are very practical and require no special tools or “as seen on TV” gadgets.

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