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And it isn’t just Gordon’s room.

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The Quest For Pizzelle Perfection – Adventures in Cookie Baking

Pizzelles, those Italian, crisp, wafer-like cookies are a lot like waffles in appearance and batter. Whether your grill is a stove-top or electric one, learning how to make pizzelles takes practice. Follow these electric grill steps to make delicious, uniform cookies.

Cooking With Your Kids Can Be Fun

Cooking with your children helps them develop healthy eating habits, creates a means for you to spend time and communicate with them and builds the skills needed to cook for themselves in the future. As a plus, it also can help expose something new to a picky eater or give a new offering to a kid who is used to eating the same stuff over and over again. Here’s a few ideas to guide you into a positive cooking experience with your youngster:

Kitchen Tools the Pros Won’t Do Without

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How to Cook Barley

Barley is a very healthy grain whose origins are in eastern Africa. It was and remains a popular food in the continent and beyond. It’s high in fiber and is reported to help reduce cholesterol and regulate blood sugar, but the reason most people who eat it love it, is the taste.

5 Kitchen Tools That Make Life Easier

Want to cook like the professional chefs you see on T.V.? It starts with having the right tools for the job – and in this case the job is cooking. Every cook needs a core set of utensils to use to prepare his meals But, in addition to this core set, there are other items, that while not mandatory, make life easier in the kitchen.

Sushi Machines – The Secret Technique to Making Sushi

Sushi is gaining in popularity but can take time to make. To help sushi restaurants be successful these days they are using sushi machines to assist in the kitchen.

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BBQ chicken is one of the favorite foods that you’ll find on the Southern menu – but its popularity is certainly not limited to the South. BBQ chicken is beloved by folks from coast to coast and around the globe – and whether you prepare it at home or if you choose to eat BBQ chicken at your favorite restaurant, BBQ chicken is an American classic.

Benefits of Cooking For Two

After years of cooking for five and now you are empty nesters, it can be hard to get used to cooking for only two again. With just two to cook for, your options are many.

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Is grinding your spices and herbs a concern to worry about when it comes to potential carpel tunnel syndrome? Are you looking for a quick and easy functional way to prepare your meals without thinking about the mess of cooking?

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Ok, so you got a chef knife set for Christmas, or you finally broke down and bought yourself one after you have wanted one forever. So, now, what does this thing do? How do you use a chef knife set and how will it help in the kitchen?

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