Gordon Served ‘Cauliflower Steak’ & TINNED CRAB From China | Hotel Hell

And no head chef!

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Burning Questions About Fryers

Anyone who works in the food service industry knows, complaints about cleaning and maintenance about the fryers they use can often be heard, each and every shift. Often staffed by younger people, these establishments face greater challenges in not only providing a safer work environment, but often dealing with the loss and issues surrounding injuries related to their equipment. A question comes up, is it more cost effective to continue to do business as usual, or hire out an independent outside agent to deal with the fryers- and the answer may surprise you.

Top Ten Tips to Eating Healthy!

I am not talking about a crash diet, or even a “diet” at all. I am talking about a way of life. General principles EVERYONE can/should use not just for people wanting to lose weight!

6 Reasons to Try Tasty Baked Chicken Recipes

Lately I’ve been looking around for healthy, easy-to-fix recipes for my family so that we can stay away from high-calorie, high-carb fast food. In addition to being kinder to my wallet and better for my health, they also had be simple, quick and, most importantly, they had to be recipes my children would actually eat! Our greatest success has come from baked chicken recipes. Discover the top 6 reasons why.

Baked Chicken Recipes – The Simplest Way to Create an Easy Dinner

If you are looking for a versatile food that is simple to prepare, you need look no further than your friendly chicken. You will never again have to invest more than 30 minutes in preparing a good meal for your family when you choose one of the many baked chicken recipes or marinated recipes for chicken.

A Guide to Restaurant Frying

Using a fryer may seem like a rather straightforward concept. After all, the pimply 16 year old behind the counter that can barely manage to tie his shoes seems to be able to run the thing without too much difficulty. However, there is a big difference between just operating a fryer and using it correctly. The biggest evidence of that difference being oil usage.

Happiness is Having a Deep Freeze

The advantages of owning a deep freeze are numerous. For example the budget minded housewife can buy food in bulk at wholesale prices example meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit. One shopping trip can take the place of several, which also saves money.

How to Cook Indian Food

Indian women folk have sat on the floor near a single flame to cook their families meals, since centuries ago. The flame would be lit by either hot coals or firewood. Many homes nowadays in India have a gas stove, but cooking on a naked flame is still done in remote or poor areas.

Cooking Combinations

Flavor is such a generalized term to me that is isn’t even funny. We seem to use this word to describe many different things in the world of food. We even often use this word in a few areas where I don’t find it to be applicable.

Electronic Kitchen Scales – A Cooking Tool You Must Have

Do you ever watch programs on TV about the world’s greatest chefs and wonder how they can turn out great food, seemingly without any effort. As with most things that look so easy when professionally done – you need to look at the preparation that always has gone in beforehand.

Basic Food Safety Precautions & Food Handling Tips

When you bring food home from the grocery store is when food safety becomes your responsibility. Preparing food is not always cut-and-dried safety wise and you need to remember that food safety basically means “clean.”

Baking Tips For Beginners and Pros Alike

Lest you think that professional bakers do not make mistakes, think again. They are just good at hiding them or remedying them or learning from them, all of which you can adopt in your own freshman efforts to bake cakes, cookies and other goodies. Just remember these tips and you should be alright.

Parsley in General and As a Plate Garnish

Parsley, we have all seen it, a lot. Here are some examples of its uses and mis-uses.

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