Gordon Ramsy Demonstrates The Versatility Of The Chilli | Ultimate Cookery Course

Follow Gordon Ramsay showing the versatility of the chili., from cooking it with Red Mullet, Jerk Chicken, and Beef.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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How You Can Use Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice in the Kitchen

Citrus fruits (lemons, limes, and oranges) are very high in vitamin C as well as naturally occurring anti oxidants, both of which play a major role in supporting the body’s immune system and preventing diseases. Unfortunately, commercial processing and storage destroys most of the vitamin content leaving the juice with few health benefits. Freshly squeezed juice on the other hand is great – early sailors used to carry limes on long journeys, to help combat vitamin deficiencies. Similarly, eating or drinking just half a fruit worth of citrus juice daily can really boost your health.

Cookbook Club in 8 Easy Steps!

Love to cook and want to share it with friends? Don’t have any cooking friends nearby for a dinner or cookbook club? Everyone else too busy to join in on your fun? An ONLINE cookbook club is a GREAT alternative!

How to Simplify Cooking a Multi Course Meal

I have started cooking more and more complex meals with multiple courses and wines to match. This all started because I love good wine, and good wine loves good food.

Canned Food Safety

What is the risk that you take when you can your own food at home? Your health and safety.

The Mystery Behind the Accusharp Knife Sharpener

If you are looking for a very versatile, safe and easy to use blade sharpener for your home then you cannot go wrong by purchasing one of the Accusharp knife sharpener models that are available for sale. They are a great functioning machine that allows you to quickly sharpen a wide variety of bladed items and tools. You can use any type of blade from straight and serrated knives to cleavers and axes.

All Clad Roasting Pans – Why Everybody Loves the All Clad Roasting Pan

Are you planning to have a roast turkey this weekend? If so, then the All Clad roasting pan is your best bet. This brand is so popular that it is almost associated with the word, roasting-pan.

Bamboo Charcoal in Food

Bamboo charcoal is used in all manner of things; it can be found as an air and water purifier, used in medicine and in soap. But it also has a history of being used in food! In the east, it’s actually a well used ingredient for baking and cooking, though in the west, it’s widely unknown to many people.

For the Single Cook – An End to Wasted Pasta Sauce

Here’s a great tip for storing pasta sauce for the single cook, which saves money and eliminates food waste. In addition, it helps prevent overeating by encouraging preparation of single serving pasta dishes.

Serving a Great High Protein, Low Carb Meal

If you are looking for great recipes to serve on your dinner party or if you are thinking of starting to live a healthier life for you and the family by eating responsibly, then try using a menu with high protein and low carb foods. By the time the foods are served on the table, your family may not even realize that they’re eating healthier foods, because the foods still taste delicious.

Electric Ice Cream Makers – Are They Right For You?

More and more these days when I turn up at friends houses for dinner they are serving their own and it does taste great. But making your own is not for everyone. So if you are considering buying a machine to do it for you then ask yourself these questions.

Three Facts About Gas Pizza Ovens That You Will Love

Cooking the perfect pizza is a daunting task, requiring skill, patience and experience. In addition to this, the right oven is also useful. There are many different types of pizza oven to help you achieve this, from the traditional stone baked, wood fired Italian oven to the modern gas equivalent.

Three of the Best Manufacturers of Plastic Food Storage Containers and What They Can Offer You

Being able to store food is not just convenient and efficient, but in many cases it can also be necessary. If you have made too much food and want to store some for a later date, give some food to guests for them to bring home or just bring food around to a friend’s house for a dinner party, plastic food containers are absolutely vital.

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