Gordon Ramsay’s WORST First Impressions on Hotel Hell

First impressions are everything.

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The Convenience of Using a Turkey Deep Fryer

Many times when people think about cooking a big turkey dinner, whether for Thanksgiving or any other time of year, you hear a lot of moaning and groaning about the whole process. From the preparation of the bird to the results, cooking a turkey in the oven is not necessarily everyone’s favorite task. This is why using a turkey deep fryer is becoming so popular among cooks these days.

Meat Tools

Sure, you may be able to search through your kitchen drawers and find certain utensils that will cut meat, help you cook it, and make eating it safe. As for how meat tools work, they are specially designed to work with meat and meat only. For instance, a meat cleaver is used to only cut meat.

Making Your Own Lard

Lard has gotten a lot of bad press over the years from health nuts who say it will kill you. There are conflicting reports dealing with the heath effects of using lard for cooking, and to tell you the truth, I don’t know which to believe. For the first half of the twentieth century, lard was America’s premier frying grease, but now vegetable oils and shortenings have replaced common lard as the grease of choice.

The Easy Way to Low Carb Pork Ribs

If you love pork ribs but are fretting that you can’t have them because the weather is bad or it is the wrong time of year for barbecue style fare, worry no more because there is a tasty solution to your dilemma. You can make these in nothing more than a standard convection oven. The first step is the longest one because you need time.

What Makes Shun Knives So Popular Among Chefs?

Recently it seems that Shun knives have gained popularity worldwide. Of course, they are of great quality and make kitchen tasks such as chopping and slicing as easy as opening your front door.

Quality Knife Companies

Knives manufacturers have a colorful history, just as the famous saying that “the history of the world is the history of great men” applies, the history of a great knife is also about the history of the inspired individual who produced some variation over one of the most basic of instruments. Let’s take a look at some famous knife manufacturers and find out their history and inspiration.

Get a Cutting Edge Knife Set With Shun Knives

Shun’s cutting edge is ground to an angle of 16 degrees. This makes the knife extremely sharp. If you compare the tool to the best of knives, you will see that it is 5 degrees steeper. Only the exotic Japanese steels are used in the cutting core of the knives so that you will have razor sharp edges. You can now let go of the need to excessively and constantly re-sharpen the blades.

The Technology and Steel Used in Shun Knives Makes Them the Best Available

With the different designs and innovations offered, there are endless options for people with a deep interest in cutlery. Whether you are interested in redefining your kitchen or are working towards becoming a talented chef, you can consider this specific brand to meet your needs.

6 Great Steps For an 8 Piece Barbecue Utensil Set

The most important step in keeping your barbecue utensils lasting a life time is to wash with soap and water and dry completely before storing. This eight piece stainless steel barbecue utensil set comes in an aluminum carry case for easy storing.

How to Choose a Good Food Slicer

Choosing a good food slicer is a hard task for most people. However, if you follow the guidelines below, you can reduce the risk of buying low-quality and unsuitable one. Let’s get started.

Potatoes – The Elixir of Life and Love

The Spanish conquistadors did the Western economy an enormous favor when they invaded Mexico and brought back samples of the solarum tuberosum, the indigenous plant which the Incas had been cultivating on the slopes of the Andes for over three thousand years. Once introduced into Europe this crop soon became the favorite of the French court, where the papata was feted as the ‘elixir of love’. Marie Antoinette used its blooms to decorate her hair.

How Does Cooking Affect the Food We Eat?

Cooking is both an art and a pleasure however, when food is exposed to heat, its vital nutrients are destroyed. There are various methods of cooking and food preparation, and each one has a better way in preserving the nutrients of foods.

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