Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Indian Dishes

We found 5 of the best and most interesting Indian recipes from the channel, including some footage from Gordon’s time spent in India.
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Traditional Texas cooking requires a broad range of Chile powders, seasonings, sauces, and spices. Many of these flavoring agents have drifted away from their early roots and have begun to spice liven up other cooking styles. You will find a large variation in blends of chile powder seasonings within Texas food today. This is producing dishes with bold, assertive flavors that are finding their way into other parts of the country.

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You might think that healthy family recipes are going to be hard to make and expensive. With the current economic climate meaning that many families are increasingly feeling the pinch you will learn how you can feed your family with healthy food, without breaking the bank.

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The beauty of preparing pasta is that all you need is boiling water. Even if you only have one pan you can still make a plethora of incredible pasta dishes just by boiling or cooking pasta properly. The proper way is of course AL DENTE: firm, just slightly crunchy. Yes, slightly crunchy. Pasta’s incredible nutty flavor can only be achieved if it is cooked extra firm.

Hearty Family Meals For Under $5

How can you put together a hearty, filling family meal for under $5? You have to take a few short cuts but it can be done easily, with a bit of forward planning. The large chain supermarkets have very good special buys each season. In winter, you can often pick up cans of condensed soup for under $1.

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Most people would say that Jamaican jerk sauce is African since the origins of jerk pork can be traced back to the pre-slavery days of the Cormantee hunters of West Africa. When the British invaded Jamaica in 1655 the Spanish colonists fled, leaving behind a large number of African slaves. Rather than be re-enslaved by the British, they escaped into Jamaica’s mountainous regions where they mixed in with the local Tainos.

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