Gordon Ramsay’s Recipes for a Better School Lunch

We’ve pieced together some of our favourite recipes from the channel into one Back to School special – tell us below what your perfect school lunch is?

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Carving Cakes Into Novelty Designs

Moulded cake tins can be expensive, so why not try a simple cake design carving the design yourself. You don’t need to worry about special equipment for carving, ordinary household knives are good. One with a serrated edge is good for carving fruit cakes, a long bladed one is good for making larger cuts and a smaller one for finer details.

Principles of Ch’ao

Principles of Ch’ao (Stir fry) is the immense possible variety shows that this simple process can be exceedingly useful as a basic part of any cook’s repertoire. Its cardinal principles are common to all good cooking.

Kitchen Epiphanies – 5 Kitchen Tips to Save You Hundreds of Dollars a Year

Far be it for me to hoist myself up into the ranks of Classical and Renaissance thinkers like Archimedes and Newton. Still, the following five kitchen epiphanies have always caused me to smile inwardly whenever I remember how I first stumbled upon each of them. I hope they bring you the same feelings of satisfaction and real monetary savings that they have brought me through the years.

FAQ Home Canning – 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Home Canning

Do you know the answers to the four most frequently asked questions about home canning? If not, read on to learn the answers to these three home canning questions.

Gourmet Vanilla – All About Gourmet Vanilla Extract

If your only experience with vanilla extract has been the low-cost imitation vanilla extracts found on grocery store shelves, trying gourmet extract will almost certainly be an eye-opening experience. Extracts made from the seeds of orchid bean pods have a creaminess, smoothness, and depth and complexity of flavor that no imitation, no matter how skillful, can match.

Gourmet Vanilla – What Forms of Gourmet Vanilla Are Available, and How to Use Them

Most people are mainly familiar with the extract form of vanilla, but extract is just one of many forms in which gourmet vanilla is available. Each form is best for different uses, but in the end the most important factor is your own personal taste.

Using Herbs For Spice and Life

Increasing your intake of nutrients might also improve the flavor of your meals. Most people are afraid to add herbs and spices to their food, for fear they will ruin the flavor. In reality, spicing up the meals takes plain fruits and vegetables to a higher level and creates a healthier you. When you add herbs to your meals, you increase not just the flavor but also help your family live a healthier life.

About Range Cookers

Range cookers are a part of kitchen appliance group that gives multifunctional cooking. It has all the functions like the hob, oven, grill and storage facilities. They use different fuel type of gas, electric or dual fuel. It comes in different sizes with the small one in 60cms and the medium and large ones fall in-between 90 to 150cms. There are also different types of ovens like the fan, conventional and multifunctional.

Kitchen Tool Sets and Utensils

Items in a complete kitchen utensil set are very valuable. To complement plates, cups, forks, spoons, pots, and pans, knives are the most used kitchen utensils. The much underrated tools among the complete utensil set are kitchen tools.

A Close Look at Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

The wood fired pizza oven is commonly known as Forno in Italian, or simply just wood ovens. These ovens are usually built as outdoor pizza ovens and make use of wood fuel when it comes to cooking. When looking at pizza ovens, there are actually two types. These are white ovens and black ovens.

Frittata, A Healthy Choice

A frittata is an egg dish that has its origins in Italy. It is something like an open-faced Italian omelet, but the eggs are not folded over the ingredients. It typically starts in a skillet but is finished up being baked in the oven or put under the oven’s broiler.

Waterless Cooking

Have you heard of the waterless cooking method? It is a relatively new method of cooking that has many advantages. In the past, a lot of household cooking has involved cooking food with water. When cooked in water, however, a lot of the food’s nutritional value, not to mention the flavor, is taken away. Waterless cooking allows you to cook food in it own juices, retaining all the vitamins and minerals as well as most of the original flavor.

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