Gordon Ramsay’s Recipe for Harissa Tomato Toast for Lunch or Brunch

Ready to up your typical toast game? This delicious Harissa Tomato Jam Toast will do the trick! The spices of the Harissa give it a nice kick and the addition of a poached egg make this perfect for lunch or brunch.

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Get the full recipe here: https://www.gordonramsay.com/gr/recipes/harissatoast/

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The Significance of Master Chef Knives Used in Cooking

In cooking, one of the most important factors is the presentation of food. Presentations are the reason why food becomes elegant and delicious to look at. But do you have any idea what help is available for these Master Chefs to come up with such wonderful food presentation?

Easy Vegetarian Cooking With a Tajine

For best result, food is stacked accordingly in the tajine; food requiring more cooking time is placed first followed by other ingredients. Oil is optional when cooking with a tajine, but for best result use good quality olive oil. Place one or two tablespoons just enough to thinly coat the base of the tajine.

Spiralizer – Two Easy Recipes to Get Your Family to Eat Vegetables!

The spiralizer, also known as the spiral slicer, is a cool tool that you can use to make angel hair type noodles out of hard root vegetables. Typically the spiralizer is used with zucchini to make an alternative to wheat pasta, but it also works great with carrots and beets. Kids love the bright colors and the silly texture of spiralized beets and carrots. You can simply just put spiralized carrots and beets in a salad or try these two interesting recipes below.

Cooking Healthy For Kids

Cooking healthy for kids really isn’t all that difficult. By adding variety and substituting fresh fruits and vegetables, for the unhealthy junk foods, your kids will enjoy eating healthier.

How to Sharpen Your Kitchen Knife to Get the Best Use Out of It

Kitchen knives are one of the most important tools in the home, but are often the most neglected. Keep them sharp and you will be safer and have less of a chore cutting vegetables and meat to prepare for meals. A sharp knife will glide through the work with you easily able to control it.

6 Easy Steps to Save Time in the Kitchen

It is true that food shopping and cooking takes time. Time is the most valuable aspect we have and most of us can not afford to invest it in these activities. The results is that we end up eating poorly and spending too much money on ready meals and take-away. If you want to improve the quality of your nutrition and at the same time reduce the amount of money spend on food, you can apply the following practical methods that will allow you to cook healthy nutritious meals fast and easy. The idea is to cook quick and easy recipes which a healthy and tasty at the same time. These following 6 steps can help you enjoy your own recipes even if your time is very limited.

15 Tips on Caramelizing Onions

Add a savory addition to dishes with caramelized onions. Use them on baked potatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, risotto, sauteed greens, steak, hamburger, stew, gravy and more.

What Type of Kitchen Cutting Boards Should You And Should You Not Use?

This article will bring up some basic questions you should ask yourself when looking into purchasing a kitchen cutting board. Such questions as, what is your intended purpose? What style do you like? And, what is your lifestyle like? It will also briefly discuss wood, plastic, bamboo, steel, marble and glass cutting boards. In answering these questions, you will be guided into the type of kitchen cutting board that would best suit your needs.

Various Ways to Cook & Prepare Rice

Rice is a staple food. This is prepared and consumed by a huge part of the world’s population. This is perhaps one of the reasons why rice is being cooked in a variety of ways – this could be interesting most especially we eat this crop as part of our daily diet.

How to Sharpen Knives – Top 3 Ways to Sharpen Kitchen Knives

A sharp knife is a chefs best friend, so it’s helpful to know not only how to sharpen knives, but also how to keep them sharp. By practicing these basic methods you should be able not only save money on professional sharpening, but also prevent a nasty cut because of a blunt knife.

Cooking With Planks Adds Extra Flavor to Simple Meals

Cooking on planks of wood is certainly no new idea, but it has been relatively unheard of throughout the entire country up until recently. As a traditional manner of food preparation used by Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest, you can guess where they got their planks of wood. Today, however, you don’t need to go chop down a tree because you can now find planks of varying types of wood in most grocery stores.

Simple Ways to Eat Fresh Seafood at Every Meal!

One of the biggest recent trends in American cooking is, well, cooking itself! Individual Americans are slowly moving away from the style of eating in the 1970s and beyond which involved a lot of processed, pre-prepared foods and “low fat” refined carbohydrates.

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