Gordon Ramsay’s Creamy Ricotta Pasta Recipe

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Do You Need Some Help With Your Recipes?

Recipes written in accordance with a classical Russian cooking book which was called “The book about tasty and healthy cuisine” but with some practical comments. Most of the recipes were divided by the seasons so you can cook what is freshest, cheapest, and most flavorful at any time of the year. Recipes are not free in a monetary sense. You may have to pay to buy a good recipe book, and you still have to buy the ingredients. Read on and learn.

Marinating Your Meat For Better Flavour

I agree that one of the best things about living in Australia is that you can come home and throw a couple of chops on the barbie and have a meal in very short time. However, with a little preparation a few hours ahead you can improve the flavour and texture of this meal ten-fold. If you’re a hard-core griller who’s motto is catch it – kill it – grill it – eat it – I understand as I spent many years living by that approach as well.

Brining Your Meat For Better Flavour

Brining foods in a saltwater mixture before cooking them adds flavor, moistness, and reduces cooking times. If you like the sound of this you have come to the right article. Salting foods is an ancient process of food preservation.

Exploring Ways to Cook Cod, a Succulent and Versatile White Fish

Cod may not be the most glamorous fish out there, it doesn’t have the star attraction of fresh salmon or even the striking appeal of mackerel, but it is an excellent fish in and of itself. Cod is a white fish belonging to the genus Gadus and the family Gadidae. Cod fish can be found in the cold, cool waters of the Atlantic and off the coast of Greenland. They are known for being low in fat and mild in flavor, making them ideal for cooking in conjunction with sauces and spices, and cod is also popularly used for making that British mainstay, fish and chips. Cod is also eaten in abundance in Portugal and many of the country’s national dishes involve cod fish as the main ingredient.

Learn How to Cook King Crab Legs Like a Pro

King crab legs are a delicacy like no other. It’s snowy-white, dense flesh has a rich, succulent taste that’s unlike any other in the decapod crustacean category; these shell fish stand out. Found in the icy cold seas off the coast of Alaska, king crab are easily identified by their large size and spiny outer shell. They are prized by gourmands and seafood connoisseurs alike.

Discovering Easy and Quick Ways to Cook Cod Fish

Cod is a fish that is often unduly ignored. Fish connoisseurs prefer more exotic, more fragrant tasting fish such as salmon or even the arrestingly salty flavored anchovy. But cod is an extremely excellent source of protein as it is quite low in fat and is packed with minerals and vitamins that do a body good. It also has a mild taste and dense white flesh which makes it quite versatile in culinary terms.

How to Make Samgye Tang (Chicken Soup With Ginseng)

Samgye Tang is yet another soup among the immense Korean stew recipes that is enjoyed by many people. Traditionally, samgye tang was first eaten to get rid of a cold because of its supposed remedial qualities from the ginseng, but now it’s enjoyed simply for its delicious taste. Here’s how to make Samgye Tang.

How to Make Maeun Tang (Spicy Fish Stew)

Maeun Tang is another Korean dish widely enjoyed by many Koreans. Maeun Tang is made primarily from fish (usually halibut, but any white flesh fish is fine) and vegetables. Maeun Tang can be enjoyed in any kind of weather, whether it be in the summer or the winter. Here’s how to make this wonderful dish.

How to Make Miyeok Gook (Seaweed Soup)

Miyeok Gook is probably one of the more well known dishes in Korea, mainly because of its importance in bringing the new year. Miyeok Gook is often eaten on New Year’s because Koreans thought it would bring good luck for the upcoming year. Here’s how to make the New Year’s Miyeok Gook.

Short on Time AND Money? – 5 Ways to Save Both at the Dinner Table

Many of us are trying to save money by cooking at home, but it isn’t always easy to fit one more thing into a busy day. Is there an easy way to save both time and money at dinnertime? The answer is yes. Just follow these five simple steps.

10 Things You Can Do With Chicken

Chicken is a basic ingredient in many kitchens. It’s more nutritious than red meat and there are so many ways to cook it. Try these hints the next time you’re hungry for chicken!

Easter Celebration Menus

Easter falls on April 12th this year! Here’s my two favorite menu for that very special day! One is for brunch and one is for dinner, depending on how you might want to celebrate.

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