Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas Main Dinners | Part Two

Even more Christmas mains to stun your family!

Incase you missed part one – https://youtu.be/cDqRRqhnoyU

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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Pressure Canner – How to Make the Most of Your Pressure Canner

Have you ever heard of pressure canning? Canning is an age old tradition and if you walk into any cooking appliance store you are bound to see all kinds of canners. Some of the most popular canners are called water bath canners, steam canners and even pressure canners. Each canner must be used according to the kind of food that you are attempting to can.

Pressure Canners – What Are the Differences Between Water and Pressure Canners

If you are into canning your own fruit or food, then you most likely know that there are several different ways you can go about canning. The three main canning methods available are water bath canning, steam canning and pressure canning. Each of these different methods has their own advantages and disadvantages. You are about to see that they aren’t all equal and in actual fact water bath canning can be used for only a small variety of foods, whereas pressure and steam canning is suited to a much wider variety of foods. Knowing this in advance will ensure that you don’t end up buying the wrong canner in the near future.

Microwaveology 101

This week my son Michael completes his time with the United States Army. He completed over four years of service to our country and is now a veteran of foreign wars, having served a tour in Korea and Afghanistan. Now Michael will join college students across the country as they head back to school and join the workforce.

The Alchemy of Cooking, Or Why to Wear Mitts

My grandma once told me that a woman must definitely be best in two places: the kitchen and the bedroom. Leaving aside the implications the latter may suggest, (though I promise, I will write about that too in one of my next articles) I have to admit, the alchemy of cooking has always fascinated me. The first human to drop a a piece of raw flesh into the life preserving but also death bringing fire, probably only felt the capital importance of his discovery while sensing that his /her mouth began to water from the delicious smells the meat gave…

The Magic of Homemade Pizza

I don’t know what people ate before the Italians invented and spread all over the world this delicious and easy meal: the pizza. It might have been substantial and tasty food, but unconsciously our ancestors must have missed the well known combination of bread dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella, topping it up with your favorite meat or vegetable ingredients.

Kitchen Dangers For Kids

Most kids are fascinated by the kitchen. It is an exciting place with lots of gadgets and appliances, interesting smells and noises, and plenty of people working hard. But have you ever considered that it could be a dangerous place for kids? I will share a story that may reinforce that.

Make Healthy Fruit Leather Snacks With Fresh Fruit and a Food Dehydrator

Do you, or your children, have problems eating enough healthy snacks? Do you, or your children, eat too many chips, sweets and other processed foods and snacks?

Gourmet Granola – Baking Secrets

Where do I begin writing about the secrets of baking gourmet granola? This is a struggle for me. I want to share the wealth per se (of knowledge) about what makes a truly wholesome and healthy granola but at the same there’s that lurking thought of not wanting to give away all the secrets gleaned from many in kitchen experiences and years of living.

Secrets of Quick Cooking

Knowing your way around the kitchen will help you get your meals on the table in minutes… Here are some hints to help you along the way…

Is The Slow Cooker A Nutritious Option? Read Ahead And Find Out

There are many persons who are of the opinion that food cooked in the slow cooker cannot be fresh or nutritious. They find it very difficult to believe that this food that has been cooked over many hours can be fresh. Well, they will do realize that the cooking process is not completed in a span of just 15 or 20 minutes.

Get Help From Your Children In the Kitchen By Making Smart Use Of The Slow Cooker

Your child wants to help you make food. However, you are very scared of allowing your child to help you because you fear that this is only going to complicate the process. You do not have the time or the patience to train your child properly to carry out even minor tasks in the kitchen.

Chicken Dish – Healthier Options For Your Chicken Cravings

There are literally thousands upon thousands of ideas that you can use when cooking up a chicken dish comes to mind. Starting from the cooking itself, up to the style, to the particular cuisine, and the ingredients that you’ll be using, you’ll surely be able to find a dish that will satisfy your craving and palate.

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