Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas Main Dinners | Part One

Here are some fantastic Christmas mains to wow your family. Part two will be coming soon!

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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Rice Cookers and Steamers

Looking for an easy way to prepare healthy and delicious food? Learn more about rice cookers and how they can make your cooking experience more fun.

When is a Recipe Not a Quinoa Recipe?

I have been cooking and eating Quinoa for the best part of four years now. I have written a book on the subject and numerous reports and articles on the subject. Despite this I am still finding new ways to include this super grain in my diet.

The Health Danger Caused by Spicy Boiled Fish

Five aspects including salt, oil, chili, garnish and taste are explained to analyze the health danger caused by spicy boiled fish. In order to decrease the health danger, people should not eat fish fillets in hot chili oil frequently.

Meal Planning Saves Time, Dollars and Calories

Meal planning can help anyone, from a busy single to a large family, save time, money and calories. Learn how just a little time each week can lead to big benefits for your schedule, your wallet and your diet.

Kitchen Knife Care and Handling For a Long Life

Kitchen knives of all kinds require special care or a little maintenance to keep them is serviceable order. If they are not sharp they are unsafe and make for a lot of wasted time in the kitchen. It is nice to own a high quality set of kitchen knives because they require less maintenance than cheap discount knives.

How to Cook a Fish Without Problems

Fishing is a sport practiced by many people, especially men. Our country offers a multitude of places where you can catch fish in freshwater or saltwater. Preparing fish can be very often complicated.

Top Five Tips For Better Barbecued Ribs Today

Have you ever tried to make barbecue ribs like the ones that you get at a real barbecue joint, and instead ended up with a plate-full of dried out tough bones with hardly any good eaten on em? You expected fall of the bones tasty goodness, and instead ended up with a broken heart. Well then, here are five easy tips to follow so you will get the barbecue results you seek when making pork spare-ribs.

Becoming a Better Cook – The Dos and Don’ts

Whether you’re passionate about food and want to be able to cook it for yourself or feel there’s room for improvement in your culinary expertise, maybe we can help. Here are our dos and don’ts of cooking to help you become a master in the kitchen.

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Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or just trying to better your existing skills, these 10 top tips may help. Cooking is meant to be fun – and here’s how…

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Have you ever wondered how the Italian cooks make such great pizzas? Here are some tips and tricks on how to do it your home.

Going Green – Healthful Ways to Incorporate Farm-To-Table and Supporting Eating Local

I’m “Going Green”, in more ways than one, from electing to turn off appliances periodically at home to assist with the energy crisis…to searching for a more gas efficient car when my lease is up in June…to buying a digital thermostat, and even installing a low flow shower head. But most importantly (for the chef in me, AND for you) is my dedication to the farm to table movement and more specifically its effect on your/my family’s menu.

How to Sharpen a Knife

The most essential tools we regularly reach for in the kitchen are knives of one sort or another. But how often do you have a good set of sharp knives handy? I’m betting it’s quite rare for many of you.

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