Gordon Ramsay’s Brussels Sprouts With Pancetta & Chestnuts

A modern take on a classic Christmas side.

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Healthy Living Through Better Cooking

Around the globe, healthy problems have become pandemic. There are millions of people who fall prey to heart attacks, cholesterol, high blood pressure which have become so common nowadays in all parts of the world.

Some Interesting and Utilizable Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

The Christmas cake decorating ideas will give the impression of being more augmented if you can utilize chocolate. This is exceedingly attainable if you are imaginative adequate to come up with Christmas cake decorating ideas, which are exclusive and excellent.

How Do You Make Clear Ice Cubes?

Do you ever wonder how restaurants get those clear ice cubes? Or, have you ever attended a dinner party at a friend’s house and wanted to know how they made clear cubes but were afraid to ask?

How Can You Make Your Service Run Smoother?

When people think of chefs they think shouting, swearing and sweating running around a kitchen and lets be honest this can be a very accurate portrayal. When you are working in a high pressure environment even the slightest thing going wrong can cause the blood to reach boiling point quicker than your ruined sauce.

How to Cook Better

If you are a relatively new cook, you can use this article to increase not only the quality but also the taste of the dishes that you make. There are quite a few tips that would help you in enhancing the quality of your cooking. It may seem impossible, but there could be some simple tips that would go a long way in helping your dishes taste much better.

Why I Love My Wireless Cooking Thermometer

Wireless cooking thermometers offer some distinct advantages whether you’re roasting meat in the oven, grilling, or using a fryer. I received one as a gift and have fallen in love with it. Here’s why.

The Importance of Good Cooking Knives

Cooking can be a labor of love or it can be a huge hassle. There are lots of things that can make or break this delicate balance, including not enough storage space and too little room to move around. But one of the worst things in a kitchen is bad knives.

Automatic Rice Cooker – Every Last Thing You Should Know About Rice Cookers

Automatic rice cookers are also known as electric rice cookers that you utilize for making rice. However, lately, automated rice cookers are can be used not only to prepare rice but for different recipes as well. Basically, it works by preparing the rice through the usage of the heating element which is placed at the bottom of the pan. A lid is placed on the top of the pan to hold in the steam.

What Type of Chopstick is For Better Hygiene and Safe From Bacteria and Chemical Ingredients?

Chopsticks design is an art particularly in China and Japan, it has a very long history and culture. In Japan and China there are specialized shops in selling only chopsticks with tons of different designs, patterns and material.

All You Need to Know About the Masamoto Sushi Knife

If you are reading this, then curiosity has definitely sparked your interest on knowing just what in the world is the Masamoto sushi knife, and why does almost every professional chef and culinary business have it in their kitchen arsenal? What separates it from the rest, and are there any drawbacks to it?

Compare Blendtec and Vitamix Accordingly

If you have gone around the mall or to your good friend’s house recently, you have probably noticed the rapid emergence and influx of demand for devices and appliances that are meant to improve one’s health and lifestyle. Whereas people used to go out and hunt for air conditioning sets, refrigerators, television screens and video game consoles once upon a time, nowadays one of the things most sought out by consumers is the famous device known as the blender. The blender is something once made popular by the Oster (Osterizer) brand.

Make Your Own Salmon Rolls With Quality Alaskan Seafood

When it comes to seafood, Alaska offers some of the best in the world. Known as the “frontier state,” Alaska became the 49th American state on January 3rd, 1953. With little more than half a million residents spread throughout this vast territory (over four times the size of neighboring Japan, the population of which is over 125 million), it’s no wonder young Alaska’s sprawling wilderness has been left so untouched by human hands. Alaska’s pristine forests and trees, in combination with its conscientious fisheries, work to protect some of the purest expanses of sea in the world.

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