Gordon Ramsay’s Best Burns of 2021 So Far

We’re only a month in a Gordon has been burning up a storm on TikTok. From Gino D’Acampo to a Vegan Teacher. No one is off limits and it’s only January!

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The History And Interesting Facts About Charcoal

For some, mastering the art of braaiing takes years to perfect as it is unfortunately not as easy as just slapping your meat on the braai and returning to the braai once the meat is done. There are many different aspects to ensuring that your braai goes well. If you know how to do it correctly, you will have the most enjoyable braaiing experience!

The Amazing Waring Belgian Waffle Iron

The Waring Belgian waffle maker is one of the most advanced and popular Belgian waffle irons on the market today. Everybody needs a waffle maker. It is basically waking up on “the right side of the bed” in a machine.

The History and Interesting Facts About Charcoal

The title of this article might sound boring to you and some may feel that there is no need to know the history of charcoal but with all things in life, knowing the history and origins of something might lead to interesting conversation and knowledge is never a waste. There this article will contain the facts and information that might make you look smart at a barbecue thus impressing the ladies or men with knowledge and your ability to cook a good barbecue.  The production of charcoal started in regions where there was an abundance of wood….

The Giles & Posner Slow Cooker Latest Review

“If you are looking for the most relevant & up to date information on the Best Slow Cooker then, grab a chair & buckle down, because we have got the article that you’ve been looking for.” In more recent times these type of items have come down in price, but are still as popular as ever & especially when most of them are capable of producing the perfect pot roasts or Sunday dinner. Whilst it might be convenient to cook your meat in a conventional oven using a baking dish & tin foil, for taste, cutting & general safety, it is much more practical to use a slow cooker.

Cooking Substitutions – Marsala Wine

If you’ve ever been to an Italian restaurant, you’ve encountered Marsala wine. Veal Marsala, Chicken Marsala and many other classic Italian meals get their name simply by being cooked in this flavorful wine. If you happen to be out of your vintage bottle of Marsala wine, don’t fret — most kitchen have enough of the secret ingredients on hand to fake a Marsala wine flavor.

Vegetarian Cook Book

There’s more to vegetarian cooking than garlic, breadcrumbs and tofu! So many vegetarian cook books seem to forget this, don’t you think? I am personally on the lookout for a vegetarian cook book that presents some truly interesting recipes for us; something with nuts and mushroom and fresh herbs. A cook book that understands I don’t just want protein substitutes, recipes that say ‘oh, and leave this bit out if you’re a vegetarian’ – I want something simple that I can cook up myself that doesn’t take forever to make (we’re all busy as bees these days) and is actually a proper vegetarian recipe, not an adapted meat recipe.

Using A Lazy Susan At Home

You will find that if you were to look back through history, there were several different inventions that served little more purpose than common convenience. However, in this day and age, the number of these inventions have increased ten fold and a good example of the convenience items would be a Lazy Susan.

Easy Healthy Meals – 3 Simple Tips For Quick Healthy Meals

We all lead busy lives and the importance of eating healthy can often be overlooked. Preparing easy healthy meals can sometimes take a backseat.

Selecting An Appropriate Butcher Block

If you are looking for a way to make your kitchen counters and cooking knives last a long time, you cannot go wrong with a quality butcher block for your kitchen. These convenient and functional items are available in a wide range of styles and sizes designed to fit in with any kitchen decor.

The Magic Crisp

So it seems there is a “new” product on the cooking gadget scene. The Magic Crisp microwave crisper! I say new a bit sarcastically because it seems very similar to some old products out there from about 10-15 years ago. I remember a plastic plate that went into my microwave and was called a bacon tray.

A Healthy Choice

Cast iron cooking has been around for ages and you can say it is a classic. Most cooks and professional chefs use cast iron cookware until now not only because it’s tradition but mainly because it has been tried and tested for several years and has proven its worth.

Benefits of Cast Iron Teapots

Cast iron cookware is the best to use, especially cast iron teapots if you’re looking for something that comes in handy in the kitchen. They are very handy because a lot of people drink tea, but it’s rare to find tea that tastes great.

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