Gordon Ramsay Visits A Hotel With Bullet Holes and Broken Glass | Hotel Hell

Not a good first impression!

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Menu Planning – Not As Hard As it Seems

I’ve noticed that a lot more people are talking about menu planning here lately. Some have been doing this for years, others a few weeks/months, and still others just flat out refuse! Menu planning is not that hard, and it takes very little of your time!

Sushi Maker – An Easy Way of Making Sushi

Make sushi at the luxury and neatness of your home with the help of a Sushi maker. You can serve tasty and handmade food to your friends and family with the help of this little tool. Nigiri and nori can be easily prepared by uniformly rolling it with the help of this little tool.

Gas BBQ Over Charcoal BBQ

The barbeque is referred to with different names all over the world and is commonly known as BBQ. It is originally a very simple device but with the advent of technology many companies are manufacturing some barbeques that are pretty advanced. The apparatus is made using quality steel which makes it durable and tough. Many companies are engaged in manufacturing a wide variety of barbeques that are in great demand all over the world as well.

Baking the Perfect Christmas Cake

A Christmas cake is actually any type of fruitcake served during Christmas time in many countries of the world. Thus, you will often find variations of the staple Christmas cake depending on the country, which can range from diverse cultures as the United Kingdom and the United States to Japan and the Philippines.

How to Choose Food Storage Containers?

When you need to keep food aside for a long period of time, there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of. Different kinds of food necessitate different kind of storage methods. Hence, depending on your need, you might need to choose the right kind of container so that your food doesn’t get spoilt during storage.

Is Le Creuset Overpriced?

For most people, the thought of spending a few hundred dollars/pounds on a set of saucepans would be unthinkable, especially in today’s climate where recession is rife, globally. However, it may well be worth rethinking your cautionary approach to splashing out the ‘readies’ for Le Creuset.

The Taste of a Charcoal Barbecue

All right, I am just not going to throw gasoline on the fire here (forgive the wonderfully suitable pun/metaphor) and claim that the taste of charcoal barbecue is infinitely superior to the flavor produced by a gas grill. To paraphrase Shakespeare, I come to describe the flavor, not to praise it. Although full disclosure demands an admission: I LOVE IT!

Basic Preparation Knowledge of Vegetables

Vegetables are very important in the diet because they are rich in vitamins, minerals, cellulose and water. Some vegetables, such as peas and beans are also rich in proteins. Vegetables are easily available all the year round and should be eaten every day.

10 Pizza Facts You Did Not Know

In the world of pizza and pizza lovers, we have found 10 pizza facts that will hopefully enlighten your pizza knowledge. We all know that there are a ridiculous number of pizza chains out there. To name a few Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Little Caesars all serve one thing but at different grades, which causes us to favor the other better.

Gourmet Dinner Party – How to Host a Show Stopper!

First things first: What exactly is a “Gourmet Dinner Party?” A gourmet home dinner party is typically an event that revolves around a 5-course meal with 4 or more guests. The meal follows a common theme which is accented by the table and room decor as well as background music and guest attire.

Cooking Tips – Serious Tips Both Amateur and Professional Cooks Should Always Keep in Mind

No matter how much you know about cooking, you should learn the general cooking tips. Keep reading and find out what they are.

Honey on Shrimp

Honey Grilled Shrimp is one of the popular recipes for grilled shrimp. In most cases, shrimps are grilled without that much ingredients. To make grilling more fun and to give grilled shrimp a different taste, Honey Grilled Shrimp has been concocted.

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