Gordon Ramsay Takes On Thailand’s Chef McDang | Gordon’s Great Escape

On Gordon’s final day in Thailand, he takes on Chef McDang on TV.

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A Look at Charcoal Smokers

There is quite a bit of versatility to charcoal smokers that most people may not be aware of. Namely, the size of the barbecue smokers will vary. There are smokers that can accommodate huge amounts of food and then there are those scaled down models that can handle one or two meals at a time. So, no matter what your particular needs may be, you can surely find one or more model of charcoal smokers for your needs…

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Sweet, Versatile Alaskan Cod is a Sure Crowd-Pleaser

Of Alaska’s many varieties of whitefish, cod is one of the most versatile. Alaskan cod’s moist, firm fillets offer a slightly sweet flavor and a distinctive large flake. Because of the fish’s firm texture, cooking cod is quite simple. There are countless ways to prepare a delicious meal.

Spice Up the Way You Prepare Alaskan King Crab

King Crab is the largest and most impressive of the types of crab available in Alaska, and cooking king crab can be quite the culinary experience. Because of the shellfish’s largesse, sweet flavor and rich texture, it can be prepared and presented in a variety of different ways that are pleasing to both the eye and the stomach.

Dipping Sauces Can Liven Up Alaska King Crab Legs

Served warm or chilled, brushed with a marinade or plain, Alaska king crab legs are a delight to many a gourmet palette. Because of its sweet taste and rich texture, king crab legs are a delicacy in many parts of the world.

Kid-Friendly Ideas For Serving Seafood

Health-conscious consumers don’t need to sacrifice the flavor and presentation that they love just because they follow low-fat, low-calorie diets. Fresh, frozen, and prepackaged canned or pouched Alaska seafood is both rich in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as flavorful and diverse. Here are a few ideas for ways to infused your children’s diets with hearty doses of Alaska seafood – getting them to love seafood early on will make your time in the kitchen easier, and be beneficial for them in the long term.

Exciting and Tasty Seafood Dishes Are Easy to Prepare

The possibilities for preparing healthy, exciting food with Alaska salmon are seemingly endless and surprisingly simple. Consider the Alaska salmon burrito, an exotic twist on a staple dish that requires just 15 minutes of preparation, sauteed fresh vegetables, and two servings of boneless canned salmon. Heat the drained salmon with the produce (think red bell peppers, yellow onion, and chopped garlic) and a touch of salt and pepper, chili powder, lime, cumin, and fresh cilantro before serving up your quick, easy, and healthy salmon burritos topped with low-fat refried beans, Monterey Jack cheese, light sour cream, avocado, and salsa. For an extra kick, slip in some jalapeno slices, or, for an authentic Mexican boost, saute your ingredients with mole sauce.

Learn How to Do More With Your Wild Alaskan Salmon

There is nothing more satisfying than buying a whole, wild, fresh Alaskan salmon from the seafood store. Hardly any other species of fish (or any other kind of seafood or meat, for that matter) can compare with salmon in terms of flavor, texture, and health benefits. When buying a whole salmon, you will need to learn how to steak a salmon, a bit of knowledge that will be very useful to have and will furthermore help you save a few pennies when doing your shopping. All you will need is a large cutting board, a very sharp knife, a whole salmon, and perhaps a pair of scissors.

A Delicate Touch is Needed When Dealing With Roe, a True Delicacy

When it comes to seafood, pretty much every specific product requires a fair amount of care and delicacy, unlike many other meat products (beef, for example) that merely need to be kept chilly, and other than that can be tossed around and hit like a punching bag at the gym. There is one kind of seafood product in particular that is more fragile and delicate than pretty much any other, and that would be roe. Whatever kind you have purchased, it is crucial when handling roe to keep it at very low temperatures and to make sure that the individual eggs have remained intact (not burst yet) and that their color is right, with no graying or other discoloration.

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