Gordon Ramsay STUNNED at Sperm Covered Mattress | Hotel Hell

Gordon slept on a mattress unaware of what lay underneath him, then out came the blue light…

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Helpful Guidelines on How to Make Smoothies

All sorts of superlatives have been heaped upon smoothies: delicious, nutritious, natural, healthy, colorful – and they are all true, as smoothie drinkers would attest. These drinks can be enjoyed any time of the day, as early as breakfast or as late as a midnight snack.

The Art of Combination and the Vegetable Kingdom

The Art of Combination is an expert’s road map through the fascinating world of Chinese food mixtures. To the connoisseur, when diverse foods are brought together in combinations, the purpose is to heighten the taste, form, and appearance of the principal ingredient and of the completed dish. In this article the cook is urged to substitute creatively when following a recipe, to invent her own combinations. It is clear, however, that not all mixtures are ideal; and that certain principles, stated or instated, are at work when the Chinese cook decides precisely what vegetable they will use, and in what quantity, to transform, say, a handful of shrimp into a masterpiece.

The Order of Preparation of Mixed Ingredients – When to Mix

When to Mix – the rule of the principal and the accessory governs the order of preparation of mixed ingredients. Generally the vegetables are the accessory and are cooked first, because they will not be spoiled by being held a while, whereas the meat must be served the moment it is cooked. This rule is reversed in the case of stews. Then the meat requires more time to cook and so should be well along before the accessory ingredients are added.

How to Smoke a Brisket – 12 Easy Steps to Create a Moist and Tender Brisket

If you are sick and tired of your smoked briskets turning out dry and tough then your troubles are now a thing of the past. This article provides you with twelve steps that will guarantee a moister, tenderer brisket.

How to Clean Deep Fryer Oil

One problem that frequently plagues deep fryer owners is that their frying oil often spoils after just a few uses. With these few simple tips you can make your cooking oil fresh for months without going rancid, improve the taste of your food and cleaning your electric deep fryer will be a breeze.

Italian Gourmet – Authentic Italian Foods in Italian Meals Or As the Perfect Gift

Making authentic Italian meals is not the same as making “Italian-style” meals. You need to know what region of Italy you’re trying to re-create in your dishes, and the ingredients that they use there. This article will help to point you in the right direction to making an authentic Italian meal, or sending the perfect Italian food gift.

Clothes Airers – Make the Perfect Boiled Egg

What could be more natural than a clothes airer? A domestic appliance that dries your clothes naturally using zero energy.

Know How to Cook Salmon the Right Way

As the one who always prepare the meals of the family, it is best if one knows how to cook salmon in a variety of ways. One has to learn the tools and the tricks to making the perfect salmon.

Slice ‘n Dice – The Master Chef’s Best Cutting Utensils

Cooking begins with food preparation, and the best chefs need to have the right tools to begin with. Read this article for information about completing your kitchen cutting utensil collection!

Bakery Supply – Outfitting Your Bakery Right

Outfitting your new bakery can be a daunting task. Finding the right bakery supply company can save you hours and hours of wasted time and save you money.

Fish in a Whirling Sea of Steam and Shellfish for a Taste Delight

For many, many centuries the Chinese have used bamboo steamers. For stove-top steaming, you can use standard utensils like the covered roasting pan on the steamers. To cook whole lobster or crabs in a volume of steam, use the same utensils as for a fish.

An Introduction to Mexican Cooking

Have you ever wondered where Mexican Cooking came from? How about what main foods make up the Mexican diet? This article gives a great history of Mexican Cooking, the origins of chocolate, as well as listing some of the staples of Mexican Cuisine.

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