Gordon Ramsay reveals his disguise to Delia Smith | Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay reveals his disguise to Delia Smith after having fooled her by going under cover at her cookery school.

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10 Tips on Cooking With Your Kids

Cooking with your kids is a wonderful experience, not only does it bring back your own childhood memories, you will be able to make clear impression and impact on your child’s life too. Kids Cooking, though it may sound interesting, Moms have to plan and take care to make sure that the kitchen is a safe place for their kids to try out their favorite dish. It is important that in advance that you plan out the dish with your kids, and have the ingredients brought in and ready.

Quick and Easy Dinner Tips

For most families, both mom and dad have to work full-time just to make ends meet. This often causes stress when it comes to how to do it all: work, taxi the kids, do laundry, clean the house and cook dinner. There’s just not enough time in the day without wearing yourself out. So, how can you accomplish all that you have to do and still not drop from exhaustion every day? One idea is to find quick and easy ways to fix dinner.

A Quick and Easy Way to a Delicious Mexican Meal

If you are looking for a light, tasty meal then halibut tacos are a great option, whether it is a dinner for one or six. This is the perfect dish to tackle if you are not the most experienced person in the kitchen, and even if you are this is still a fun and rewarding meal to prepare. For this recipe you will need two seeded plum tomatoes, one juiced lemon, four halibut fillets that are six to eight ounces each, salt and pepper, a bit of extra virgin olive oil, one juiced lime, three small ripe avocados, 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper, two thinly sliced scallions, twelve soft flour tortillas, one teaspoon coarse salt, one cup plain yogurt, and one heart Romaine lettuce.

Knives That Every Home Kitchen Needs

If you do a lot of cooking, it’s important to have a complete set of high quality knives on hand. High quality, doesn’t mean expensive!

Some Delectable Meals That Come Right Out of a Can

Salmon is an amazing “super food” that is full of the Omega-3 fatty acids that will have your mind and body working at top performance. Making fish a part of a person’s regular diet is important but not everyone has the funds to purchase some delicious fillets of wild Alaskan salmon every week. Luckily the wide range of canned salmon recipes ensure that you will be enjoying an equally delicious salmon dinner, simply replacing the fillets with some very nice canned salmon. Health and taste go hand in hand with a wonderful recipe for a salmon broccoli bake.

Five Ways to Enjoy Fresh Wild Alaska Crab

Wild Alaska crab is famed not only for its fresh, succulent meat but also for the rigors behind the catch. Crab fishing is an adrenaline-pumping, challenging task that tests the mettle of anyone who takes part. Those who do go out in the icy, cold seas of Alaska are known for their courage and their commitment to sustainability. They make it possible for us to enjoy this delicate sweet, delicious seafood treat.

How to Make Nakji Bokeum (Spicy Octopus)

As Koreans love spicy food, Korean chefs continue to think of new dishes that match the Korean taste. However, the most popular spicy dishes are ones that are simple and easy to make with few ingredients. One of such recipes is Nakji Bokeum, or Spicy Octopus. This dish is made by marinating the octopus in a homemade spicy marinade and grilled.

Cabbage – Use Your Head to Make Quick Easy Meals

Cabbage is nutritious, delicious, and a great meal extender. Cabbage is available year-round and you get a lot of food for your food dollar with cabbage. Tips for storing, cutting and using your cabbage.

10 Important Dos and Don’ts For Cooking the Perfect Turkey Outdoors

Don’t you just love deep fried turkey cooked outdoors? The aroma as it cooks, the sense of anticipation as you wait to tuck in. Here are 10 important basic guidelines regarding the outdoor cooking equipment you’ll need and some cooking tips on how to go about cooking a great turkey meal trouble free outdoors.

Budget Recipes – Great Ideas to Prepare a Day-Before-Payday Meal

As the food prices are soaring high, a few changes in eating habits have become essential to keep the expenditure within the budget. But, the main question that arises here is, “Is it possible to eat good and healthy while spending less?” The answer is of course “yes”. Here are some interesting emergency budget recipes that you can try towards month-end, when you are left with almost no cash in hand.

From Pastas to Indian Food, Prawns Spice it Up

Though there are many recipes that use a variety of seafood species, but diners looking to enjoy a delicious shellfish on its own know to look for recipes for prawns, specifically. Available peeled or in their shell, fresh or in frozen packs, prawns work well in hot or cold dishes, as a main course or as a garnish or appetizer. Whether you are looking for the normal dishes like stir-fries or curries, or if you are looking to brave something new, there are recipes to suit your needs.

A Shellfish This Sweet and Flavourful Must Be Cooked With Tonight

Fresh or frozen, shell-on or peeled, prawn recipes call for all varieties of this popular shellfish. Known for its meaty texture and sweet flavour, prawns are also low in fat. When choosing which kind you buy, avoid farmed prawns and instead look for varieties that are sustainably managed.

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