Gordon Ramsay Makes SPAM Scrambled Eggs in Hawaii | Scrambled

This week on Gordon’s National Geographic Channel series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, he heads to Hawaii explore the Hana Coast. And for this week’s Scrambled, he’s making eggs with a Hawaiian delicacy: SPAM with Maui’s own Sheldon Simeon! Catch Uncharted on Sundays at 10/9c on National Geographic and new episodes of Scrambled right here weekly!

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Soup Doesn’t Have to Be Just a Bowl of Soup

I don’t know about you, but generally speaking, I love soups. Although it rarely gets cold in San Diego, not including the neighborhoods closest to the canyons as it drops down to desert temps at night in those areas, I grew accustomed to whipping up a batch of vegetable and tomato soup.

Healthy Cooking Techniques – 8 Simple Healthy Cooking Techniques

Cooking healthy really only requires some minor changes for most people. By substituting items and using various techniques, you can not only reduce the amount of fat intake, but also increase valuable nutrients in your food. You’ll be amazed that once you start experimenting, you’ll find that healthy cooking techniques actually improve your meals.

Three Things to Know About Microwave Pressure Cookers and Whether Or Not They Are Right For You

What exactly is a pressure cooker, and why use one? Well, by increasing the pressure on the water in the cooker you increase its boiling point, so this means that when you do cook the food you are cooking it at a much higher temperature, so it gets cooked much faster than with other traditional methods.

Three Facts About Outdoor Pizza Ovens That You May Not Have Known

Pizza is one of the most popular meals in the world, enjoyed by everyone from all walks of life, in many different styles and variations, transcending cultural and political boundaries. The home of the pizza, Italy, is still known as producing the best pizzas in the world, and this is due to the method by which they are cooked. Traditional Italian pizza is made in an outdoor pizza oven, a brick built, wood fired oven that when used correctly will give each pizza a characteristically subtly smoky taste.

Top Ten Baking Mistakes

As many of us love to bake and cook, we gain more experience and we forget some of the basics we were taught at the beginning. In this article, I outline some of the things I’ve learned in my years of baking. Please don’t make the same mistakes I did!

Shrimp Tips

Shrimp is not only one of the tastiest seafood available, it is be far the post loved by people around the world. Compared to other types of seafood it is affordable and once it is prepared correctly you are in for a treat. It doesn’t require a lot of cooking time which makes it ideal for persons just trying to whip up a quick meal in the kitchen.

Remote Meat Thermometer – Three High Standard Remote Meat Thermometers Worth Buying

Are you looking for a remote meat thermometer however you have no idea which product to purchase? If so, this article is perfect for you. Cooking thermometers eliminate all the guesswork in cooking, smoking and grilling pork, chicken, beef or lamb.

Why You Should Buy a KitchenAid Pasta Maker

If you are the kind of person who would enjoy freshly made Pasta at home then KitchenAid pasta maker is the right choice for you. It is true that freshly made pasta at home can any day beat the ready to eat pastas that are available in stores.

Chiminea Cooking Guide – My Top Tips

Cooking with a chiminea can be an incredibly fun way to be able to prepare some very tasty food. Cooking in your chiminea can be a lot less messy then other forms of outdoor cooking. The following are tips to follow while you are cooking so that you will be serving delicious, not burnt food.

Healthy Home Cooking – The Benefits of Healthy Home Cooking!

The 21st century has brought a lot of changes to how we live and our approach to food and eating. It would seem that our world is literally racing around the clock. “So much to do, so little time to do it,” is the new motto by which we live. To keep up with our busy lives we have changed our eating habits – skipping meals, food on the go and takeaways are all common place. The days of healthy home cooking are fading into the past – a great shame considering all the benefits home cooking has.

Spiral Dough Mixer – A Heavy-Duty Appliance

In bread-making or any type of food preparation where dough is involved, kneading the dough is a time-consuming task. A spiral dough mixer is the appliance that will dramatically cut down on the amount of time it takes to knead dough.

Making Healthy Food – Importance of Eating Healthy and Getting Rid of Fast Food Eating

Food is an integral part of any one’s life and making healthy food is always going to be a real challenge. But nothing is impossible if you have the will to learn. You cannot neglect the role played by the vitamins and some important minerals when it comes to making healthy food.

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