Gordon Ramsay Makes Abalone Scrambled Eggs In New Zealand | Scrambled

This week on Gordon’s new National Geographic Channel series Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, he heads to New Zealand to explore traditional Maori cuisine. So for this week’s Scrambled, he’s making scrambled eggs with Paua, also known as Abalone, on Stewart Island. Catch Uncharted on Sundays at 10/9c on National Geographic and new episodes of Scrambled right here weekly!

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How to Tenderize Meat

Everyone loves a nice juicy steak, but the biggest problem with having one is that it might not be that tender or juicy at all unless you put some extra effort into it when you make it initially. Did you know that you actually need to tenderize your meat or it won’t taste that good at all? In fact it will be rather chewy, and no one wants to waste a lot of time chewing their food, and that’s why it is so important to use a steak tenderizer before you actually eat or serve any guests that you might happen to have.

How to Choose the Right Waffle Maker

A waffle maker has two gridded plates, one on the top and one on the bottom. The waffle is cooked in-between the two plates. When pressed together, the two plates form the holes or impressions that are unique to waffles.

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Food is very necessary for running our day to day life. Every one enjoys eating food very much. The basic amenity for a man’s life is food, and he daily goes for work only to feed himself and also his family. So this field has no recession every one can make money out of this food business if done as a large scale business this may help in making money quickly, but cooking for 2 may not earn that much money and it is not a profitable business.

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