Gordon Ramsay Helps Prepare A Meal For Buddhist Monks | Gordon’s Great Escape

While in Thailand, Gordon Ramsay helps prepare a meal for Buddhist Monks who were giving a traditional house blessing.

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Canning food is a ton of work, jammed into a few days, that pays off months from now when you actually eat the food. Anyone who has ever canned vegetables, jam, or sauces before knows that the day always starts out fun, but as the process drags on it quickly becomes a drag! Having the proper tools on hand can make everything go much faster, and a quality food strainer is just the tool you need! Read on to learn how to can food faster with the right type of strainer.

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Among the various cooking devices, microwave oven is the most innovative and the most useful device commonly used for cooking. Now, you can’t find homes without ovens. Oven cooking using low frequency waves retains nutrients and taste in cooked foods.

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You will be surprised, there are plenty of people in society today who rely on take-out and quick meals, and the majority of them are young bachelors. Most of these people never learned to cook so it is important as a parent to get them interested and involved at a young age. Teaching your kids how to cook simple dishes can be fun and it will guarantee that they’ll have these skills that will last a lifetime.

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