Gordon Ramsay Forced to Wait Over an Hour for RAW Fish! | Hotel Hell

He can’t even fit the sushi in his mouth!

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How To Properly Make a Pizza (Screen Cooking, Not Pan)

Working in several pizza shops over the course of many years has given me a lot of information. More than I’d actually like, really, so let’s see if I can’t share some of it. This method is for when the pizzas are cooked on screens rather than in pans. I may do a separate article for pan cooking methods soon.

Thai Sauce, Pad Thai Recipe, and Thai Curry Recipe You Can’t Live With Out

The secret to Thai food rely on two things, Thai Herbs and Thai Sauce. Herbs are all about the scent but the mouth watering taste comes from the sauce. Delicious Thai dishes come from perfect Thai sauce recipes. If you get the combination right, you are on your way to cooking perfect Thai Food.

Yeast Free Cooking to Lose Weight and Feel Healthy

Are you feeling lethargic and cranky and do you have extra weight that you’re struggling to get rid of? Did you know that it could be from all the yeast that you’re consuming? It’s true, so you should learn about yeast free cooking.

How to Make a Balanced Meal in a Hurry

For busy moms everywhere, putting a balanced meal on the table is an idea that can strike panic. All the time it takes to plan, shop, cook, and do it all in between carpools, soccer practice and ballet lessons? Ordering take-out or driving through the fast food restaurant has become the easy way out. Find your way back to making healthy meals in under 30 minutes and feel good about what you’re serving your family!

How to Cook a Delicious Steak

Anyone can eat a steak, but it takes a little skill and practice to cook the meat to perfection. The following tips will help you learn how to prepare and cook meat to perfection.

Searching For a Used Outdoor Pizza Oven

You probably have your own ordinary kitchen oven installed at your kitchen. But since you have been baking your pizza and almost all the stuff you want with that oven, you would like to try a different way of baking your pizza. Have you tried an outdoor pizza oven for a change?

How to Prepare and Cook the Perfect Fish That Will Never Fail

To Grill. Prepare your fish as described brush with melted butter heat the grill for three to four minutes then turn down slightly when fish under grill keep turning frequently take care not to break skin cook for ten to fifteen minutes. To Boil. choose a fish kettle that suits your fish with a drainer; allow one tablespoon of salt and one of vinegar if white fish being boiled add a teaspoonful of lemon juice to water allow ten minutes to the pound and ten minutes over whole fish goes in cold water cut fish into boiling water omit …

Growing Your Own Herbs

Many cooks are now cooking with fresh herbs. Grow your own herbs. Herbs are space savers and can be grown in your kitchen or in your backyard.

How to Season Your Stainless Pots and Pans

If you’ve just bought a new set of stainless steel or cast iron cookware, it’s important to take care of them right from the start. Not only will seasoning help keep food from sticking, it will ensure they last you for a long time.

Food Processing Adventures

When you first start looking at the different brands and models (and there are literally 100s) there is a tendency to start adding features that you must have. And when you do that, the price goes up and so does the size and cleaning chores. In the beginning you don’t mind the cleaning since you are entering a whole new world of cooking.

How to Bake Foam Cakes

Foam cakes are easy to make – it takes only minutes to bake and is also absolutely healthy to eat. It is a must to follow the given instructions and use the right equipments stated in the recipe to ensure that the cake turns out well-baked.

Novelty Cakes at Special Occasions

During special occasions, specially hand crafted novelty cakes will add a fine touch to the event. They are cute, unique, and beautiful; it ultimately grabs the attention of everyone. These made-to-measure babies are exquisitely designed for the occasion to make it even remarkable.

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