Gordon Ramsay Fishes & Cooks Squid | Gordon’s Great Escape

Gordon Ramsay fishes and prepares squid for the local fisherman in Vietnam.

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Incredible Cast Iron is a Garage Sale Treasure Just Waiting to Be Restored

When my son Dan moved to his first apartment recently, it seemed like my parental duty to provide some basic kitchen tools. These necessities included several good cookbooks, some sharp kitchen knives and a well-seasoned Dutch oven.

Cooking With the Ocean’s Largest Flat Fish

Grilled halibut served with a lima bean and roasted tomato sauce is an easy and healthy way to cook this whitefish. Lima beans can easily be substituted for another bean, such as edamame, and a delicious dish will still be the end result.

Smart Shopping – The Benefits of Choosing Alaskan

Remember the days when “organic” and “all natural” used to mean something? It wasn’t even that long ago, less than 10 years, but the loosening of restrictions by the FDA for the use of those words has brought with it a much more difficult endeavor for those who are trying to shop smart and conscious. After all, if just anything can have the word “organic” put on it, how do you know if the choice you are making is one that’s fair for the environment?

How to Properly Boil an Egg

Eggs are a good source of vitamins like calcium which is good for your body. Keep an eye on the eggs to avoid it from being overcooked.

Bread Maker Machines – The Two Forgotten Ingredients to a Perfect Loaf

In today’s hectic world, a lot of us are victims of sacrificing high food quality for convenience. However, it shouldn’t have to be that way with our bread. Bread maker machines is one of the best inventions of the modern kitchen.

Meat Thermometers – What You Should Know

A meat thermometer is a mandatory device that needs to be used in cooking any kind of meat dishes. Expert meat chefs would claim these devices to be their best friends, only because they help measuring the internal temperature of the meat. This temperature often indicates how well the meat is cooked, and if at all, it is cooked as per expectations.

How to Cook Steaks Like a Professional Chef

Handling beef to prepare steaks is an artist’s work. Learn the factors that impact cooking of steaks.

5 Steps to Cook Meat in the Best Possible Manner

Cooking a meat dish is not tough, provided some basic meat cooking guidelines are adhered to. After all, in 5 simple steps, a meat dish could be cooked and served on the table. With these 5 steps, cooking a veal, steaks, beefs or even poultry dishes is easy.

Impact of Temperatures on Cooking Meat Dishes

Meat dishes taste well only if they are cooked nicely and correctly. There are many ways of cooking these recipes, but one thing remains constant in all of them – The temperature. In most cases, individuals look to purchase frozen meat or buy it fresh and deep-freeze it.

Pots and Pans – Questions to Consider Before Buying

Choosing the right pots and pans is not only a matter of economy and getting the maximum use out of them. The kind of pots and pans you choose can have a dramatic effect on your cooking results as well. Examine these questions to ensure you buy what is right for you.

Probe Thermometers – 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying One

A rectangular flappable body coupled with a steel probe would probably be the dream device for the gadget-freak. Introducing to you the probe thermometer, the latest technological innovation that allows measurement of temperature of the food, as it is being cooked. Would you believe it?

How to Prevent Food Poisoning

As per a statistic released by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, about 76 million different illnesses and approximately, 300,000 cases of hospitalization occur due to food poisoning. The statistic also reveals that this disease also results in about 5,000 deaths annually. The basic reason for this disorder is contamination of the food particles.

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