Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates Key Cooking Skills

Gordon Ramsay shows how to fillet a salmon into 10 equal pieces, remove all the meat from a lobster, fillet a pork steak from a loin plus some basic and important knife skills to use on peppers and herbs. All taken from Culinary Genius.

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Pleasure Cooking

Most of us only cook for the sake of satisfying our hunger pangs we feel in our stomach. We have also overlooked the fact that there can indeed be some real joy in cooking before the actual eating.

Gourmet Cooking For Pleasure

There is a mode of food preparation that is called the Gourmet cooking. This mode of cooking has to do with using the freshest and the best available ingredients.

10 Cooking Healthy Tips For the Diabetics

Having the diabetics in our family can give us lots of stress when trying to cook a healthy food for them, and the diabetics need to eat healthy food in order not to increase the sugar level in the urine. It’s not good to leave home hungry when you are diabetic, as this will increase your chance of eating foods that are not healthy for you.

Cooking Preparation

There are those whose hobby is cooking and there are others that think of cooking as a chore. As for the preparation for cooking, being orderly in the kitchen really helps. Your kitchen may be grand or tiny; keeping it in a very orderly fashion is a good first step.

The Magnificent Nine Cuts of Beef

After butchering a cow, you’re left with several hundred pounds of edible meat, which is divided up into nine separate sections known as primal cuts. Though they all come from the same animal, they’re all very different in their own right. Other than being portioned from different parts of the body, cuts of beef are also differentiated by their level of toughness, tenderness and flavor. The sections are as follows:

Mother – The Expert Chef

Cooking is an art. Like learning a language practice makes it perfect. In school, we begin to learn this as part of our Home Economics class. Here we’re taught how to cook rice, chop vegetables, boil soup, and make a sunny side-up, among others.

Healthy Chinese Cooking – Some Tips in Learning the Chinese Way of Healthy Cooking

Chinese cooking is beginning to gain popularity in other countries primarily because the traditional Chinese cooking is healthier, especially that it is centered more on vegetables and less meat. Aside from the appeal of healthy Chinese cooking, its popularity has also grown because Chinese foods are easy to cook and may require less time cooking which preserves the nutrients of the foods along with the texture and the colors of the vegetables and the traditional Chinese cooking is much focused on a vegetarian diet.

How to Prepare a Gluten Free Thanksgiving

If this is your first Thanksgiving with a celiac family member, you’re probably wondering if you’re going to get to eat any of your favorite foods. Traditional stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin pie all contain gluten! But do not fear, it is possible to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and not eat a bite of gluten. Here’s how to do it.

Secret Recipe Strategy on How to Keep a Turkey Breast Moist, Tender and Juicy During Thanksgiving

Keeping a turkey moist during Thanksgiving or for any occasion can be a question of which type of oven to use, or for how long to cook the turkey itself. Though there are many different secret recipes and ways to properly cook a delicious turkey, one can simply roast a moist and tender turkey bird by paying particular attention to the skin and stuffing using a strategy where the actual area between the meat and skin is utilized to keep the turkey tender and juicy.

Fun Chinese Recipes For Kids

Making a Chinese recipe is usually fun and easy; many of these recipes, ranging from egg rolls to wontons, have their unique but easy guidelines simple enough to accommodate the participation of the entire family. Egg rolls and wontons attract kids, as they take pleasure in having the free will to add their choice ingredients. This is usually fun for them.

Diet Menus

Are you searching for a simple diet menus? Something that you can prepare even your on the go and is easy to make. If so here’s a simple guide on selecting simple diet menus.

The Right Oil to Purchase For Your Health

What is extra virgin, cold pressed, heat pressed oil. What to look for, how to store, and flavors of oils.

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