Gordon Ramsay Cooks Sea Bass On A Car Engine!

Next time don’t forget the charcoal.

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A Deft Hand is Needed When Handling Salmon

Anybody interested in having a wonderful, delicious salmon meal ought to make sure that they know exactly what the tips and tricks are for properly handling salmon. Salmon, like many kinds of seafood, can be particularly prone to bruising and other problems during storage, and can furthermore be susceptible to coming apart when cooked without sufficient care and precaution. Ideally, a salmon will be treated with impeccable and extraordinary care from the moment it has been caught in the wild to the moment it is being served up on a plate.

Nothing But Great Flavor in the Palm of Your Hand

While salmon tacos may not be as healthy as a seared filet with grilled vegetables, they are a definite improvement on the typical beef variety that is full of fat and devoid of the essential Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon. Mexican food is full of amazing ingredients, providing a unique, colorful taste to every dish. While Mexican food is delicious, it is not always the best bet for individuals looking to trim some fat in their diet, so a few substitutions here and there makes for a perfect middle ground. The low fat, high protein, and good fatty acids in salmon make it the perfect addition to any meal.

A Sizzling Taste of the Ocean Out of a Can

When thinking of canned fish, salmon is probably not the first thing that pops into a person’s mind, but it should. The meat has all of the delectable taste of a filet but with a more petite price and simpler methods of preparation. Canned salmon can be added to nearly any dish, from a salad to pasta the fish works wonderfully with a broad range of flavors and ingredients. Incorporating canned salmon into a regular, well balanced diet is a great way for a person to receive the essential Omega-3 fatty acids that can help their mind and bodies work at an optimum level. One healthy and delicious recipe is for oriental canned salmon stir fry.

A Touch of Spanish Flavor Can Give a Dish Life

The Spanish are known for such wonderful culinary contributions as wine and delicious tapas. While both of these are wonderful, there are plenty of Spanish dishes that possess rich, unique flavors that are harder to find in recipes from other parts of the world. The mix of cultures in Spain has a strong influence over the use of ingredients and what can be paired with what, so the exploration of flavor that is in Spanish dishes is very exciting. The recetas de pescado from Spain make wonderful use of the natural taste of fish by complimenting it yet having the seasonings and sauces provide a little extra bit of life to the dish. One great recipe is for anglerfish in a lovely almond sauce.

Why You Should Always Keep a Can of Salmon in Your Cupboard

Tuna sandwiches are so yesterday. The new trend is all about the canned salmon sandwich. Salmon, known for its rosy flesh and succulent, smooth taste, is not only delicious; it’s also filled with good for your body vitamins and minerals. It’s loaded with heart healthy omega-3 fatty oils which prevent heart attacks and give your immune system a boost. What’s more, besides being a super food, it’s also great for the environment, as salmon fisheries practice sustainable fishing methods, which protect the overall salmon population, so we won’t run out of the good stuff.

Amaze Your Guests With New and Enticing Prawn Recipes

One surefire way to coax anxious smiles and belly-growls out of a room full of food (and seafood) lovers is to offer up one of the many excellent prawn recipes out there-or several of them! Prawns simply have a magical allure, and are undoubtedly one of the most popular seafood items in the world. When it comes to prawns, there are ordinary samples, and then there are Alaskan prawns, which simply stand head and shoulders above all the other varieties of prawns throughout the world.

Enjoy the Versatility and Meatiness of Alaskan Prawns

The Alaskan fisheries are renowned for many elegant, nutritionally superior, and supremely flavorful species of seafood, like the several types of salmon, the black cod, the king crab-and the Alaskan prawns. Any prawn lover is absolutely guaranteed to fall in love all over again with the prawn as a food item after trying Alaskan prawns for the first time: they are simply unsurpassed in terms of meatiness, size, and flavor. The rich marine environments of Alaska are too jam-packed with micronutrients for anything short of the finest prawns to be caught in these waters. All of which begs the question (surely thought of by any prawn-fanatic): how to cook prawns?

How to Master a Good King Crab Legs Dish

No other seafood producing region in the world has been as constantly or as emphatically lauded as the waters of Alaska, where one of the world’s most high-tech, sustainable and clean fishing industries carries out its work. The quality of the seafood being harvested in Alaska has been preserved by the ecologically friendly methods put in practice, and the continued supply of seafood items has been guaranteed through the sustainable yields policy that reigns supreme in the state, being hallowed in the state constitution itself. Of the many excellent products being caught in this fashion, few can compare with the Alaskan king crab in size and flavor.

Prawns, Curry, and the Most Exquisite Meal of All

There can only be one result when a cook brings together large, fresh Alaskan prawns and one of the many varieties of curry seasoning, and that would be extreme salivation on behalf of anyone within smelling distance of the kitchen. Any prawns curry dish is sure to be an absolute success with family and guests, and these preparations have the additional feature of being relatively simple to create. The most important aspects here are 1) selecting fresh, large, shiny Alaskan prawns from a reliable seafood provider, and 2) buying a quality curry product, of which the most flavorful generally are the small glass jars of curry paste (red or green).

The Do’s and Don’ts of Alaskan Seafood

There are a few dishes that most anybody knows how to cook. For breakfast, you would be hard-pressed to find people who do not know how to scramble and egg or make some toast to satisfy their morning hunger (and if you did, they will probably be the people eating cereal, bagels or toaster pastries instead). For lunch, frying up a grilled cheese or creating a sandwich from cold cuts and deli meats are easy assignments (or you could just eat more cereal). Dinner however, can be more difficult.

Alaskan Prawns – Just Another Member of the Mighty Alaskan Seafood Family

When it comes to seafood, there is no place on other to compete with Alaska. The northernmost state of the Union has basically everything when it comes to seafood: a wide variety of species, all of significant size and/or of unbeatable taste, and highly uncontaminated if not entirely pristine marine habitats whose stocks of seafood have been wisely and diligently preserved and harvested in a sustainable fashion. Among all the species of seafood being cultivated responsibly throughout Alaska, one which deserves a higher degree of recognition (and already has it among Alaskans) would have to be the Alaskan prawn.

Spice and Condiments in Indian Recipes

Indian cooking is more about flavoring. Seasoning and tempering is an essential need in all parts of India. India is known for its versatile variety in cooking and owing to urban residency there is an easy transition of adopting cooking trends. Meals are generally of gourmet nature in any part of India. Read this article and find out more.

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