Gordon Ramsay Cooks An Indian Inspired Meal | Gordon’s Great Escape

Gordon prepares an Indian dish for influential food critics.

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Simple Yet Effective Tips For Barbecuing

Barbecue requires a lot of thought and patience – good barbecue, that is. You can make all the bad barbecue you want without planning and while being in a hurry.

The Best Rice Cooker – What to Look For Before You Buy

Is rice one of your favorite dishes but you don’t enjoy cooking it because it either burns or sticks or you end up with under or overcooked rice? That can be enough to make anyone swear off making rice at home. But if you enjoy rice and want a better way to make it, rice cookers are available with multiple options in cooking functions and sizes. You can find them from inexpensive with just a few features to boast of or you can find expensive ones with all the bells and whistles.

Quinoa Flavoring – How to Cook Quinoa Perfectly For You

When learning to cook Quinoa, how to cook Quinoa perfectly for you depends almost entirely on your tastes and normal diet. Keep in mind one of the key things that sets Quinoa apart is it’s flexibility and adaptability.

The Stuff You Need to Know How to Barbeque Safely

I really should not have to say that you need to learn how to be safe every time that you barbecue but every year more and more people are getting hurt in outdoor activities, a huge amount of which includes using a barbeque. A report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission tells us that warm-weather activities, in which, like I said, includes using barbeque equipment, had led to more than 3.7 million product related injuries. This study was for 2002.

Cooking With Direct Heat – What Does That Mean?

This is a question which a lot of beginners are asking: Cooking with direct heat. What does that mean If you have been following our posts you might remember me talking about when I first started to use my BBQ. My chicken would be black, black, black on the outside and totally frozen on the inside. How could that be?

How to Select a Cookie Cutter

Not all cookie cutters are created equal. If you are a baker, you understand this. There are numerous cookie varieties and thousands upon thousands of cookie cutters are used to make them.

How to Calibrate a Thermometer at Home – Keeping Your Food Healthy and Safe

We all know we should have a thermometer but many of us do not know how to calibrate a thermometer at home. It does not matter if you bought your food from an organic, healthy food conglomerate or if you bought it from the neighborhood grocer, there is always a possibility of a pathogen being on your food. It will not matter how healthy your food is to your body if you can’t come out of the bathroom for three days.

Publix Weekly Ad – Buy One, Get One Free and Essentials

Even though there are many places to buy groceries, when doing so in the Southeast, it is always important to consider the Publix weekly ad. The weekly ad, which Publix releases on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on where you live, is the key to saving money at Publix.

Occasions For Cookie Cutters

Any day is a good day to break out your collection of cookie cutters. While many a baker only brings them out of the cupboard for holiday occasions, there are plenty of days when using cookie cutters makes sense.

Buying Spice Racks

Buying a spice rack should not be a hard decision to make. If you know what it is that you are after then you can make a good choice. There are many variations of a spice rack that is available from many manufacturers and dealers, each one with their own unique selection of racks.

Why Do I Have to Use a Marinade? And What is a Marinade Anyways?

A lot of newcomers to the BBQ world have a few questions and some of them revolve around marinades. Questions like who do i have to use a marinade? And what is it anyway? A marinade is just really a simple sauce which is developed by the cook to flavor and tenderize what you are cooking. Usually this is for meats, but marinades can also be used for vegetables.

Sharpen Your Culinary Skills With Global Chef Knives

Picking knives to use in your kitchen can get overwhelming as there are so many makes and models. Take a Global chef knife and it’s ‘other’ knife sizes and uses.

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