Gordon Ramsay Announcement featuring Hot Wings & Sean Evans

On December 8th, Gordon is going live right here to suppor Make a Wish Foundation and if he raises $50,000 he’ll be entering a new ring of fire with First We Feasts Hot One’s Sean Evan! It’ll be the Hottest Event of the year!

Donate now to get Gordon to have a new ring of fire: wish.org/cookingupwishes

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Macro Benefit With Microwave Resistant Dishes

A microwave safe cooking dishes are specialized apparatus which can be used in microwaves and ovens for cooking or heating. Such dishes are safe apparatuses that restrict any hazard by allowing the heat and waves to pass through them and enter food. These dishes are not only restricted for use in ovens but can also be used for freezing and cooling.

Great Ideas For Avoiding Disasters When You’re Out and About Tailgating

Tailgating can be great fun but it can also be a disappointment if simple things go wrong. Here are some great ideas for keeping things on track.

How to Cook Without Tasting

I am a vegetarian that cooks meat and many things that I can not taste during cooking. My family and friends ask me how do I do it and the food is delicious. I tell them, what my taste buds can’t do, my nose can do.

Simple Recipe Starter

It can be so easy to create home-cooked meals that are delicious and inexpensive if you have a simple recipe starter to begin with. The starter recipe usually consists of 4 basic ingredients that are already in your pantry. From these basic ingredients you can create so many more possibilities. To prepare meals that are healthy and affordable this is one important part of cooking you cannot overlook.

Induction Cooking Explained – Part 3 – Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Induction Cooktop

Part 1 of this series explained how Induction cooktops use magnetic hysteresis loss to directly heat the the pot or pan. Part 2 explained the growing popularity of induction cooking by exploring induction’s many advantages over conventional cooking technologies. By this time, you are very likely thinking that induction cooking may be appropriate for your kitchen. However, before purchasing an induction cooktop, there are several things that you should consider. These issues are explained in this installment of the Induction Cooking Explained series.

Top List of Cakes You Can Make

There are two main types of cakes and they are butter and foam cakes. Butter cakes – are prepared by using solid shortening or margarine but people still call them butter cakes as they are moist, light and fine textured. Foam Cakes – contained a large number of eggs or egg whites.

Easy Tips For the Tired Cook

Tips for the busy homemaker. To help lighten your load to get a great meal on the table for your family.

Induction Cooking Explained Part 2 – Advantages of Induction Cooking

Induction cooking is an exciting new stove-top cooking technology that uses an electromagnetic field to directly heat the cooking vessel. Induction is widely used in Europe and is quickly gaining popularity in the United States because it is cleaner, faster and more energy-efficient than gas or conventional electric stove-top techniques. This series of articles explains induction cooking, its advantages, and things you should consider before installing an induction cooktop. Part 2 explains why this exciting new cooking method is better than gas and conventional electric stovetop cooking.

How Long Does a Perfectly Roasted Chicken Need to Cook?

Although cooking chicken can be a simple task, there are many determining factors that lead to a perfectly juicy and tender well cooked bird. Chicken is probably one of the most popular meats around for it offers a range of versatility and possibilities!

What You Need to Know Before You BBQ

One of the best ways to enjoy the warmer months is to BBQ outdoors. And, it pays to understand what the best foods to cook are, and what types of tools you’ll need to create a tasty dish.

Cooking With Spices – How to Create Great Chili Recipes

Cooking spice food is easier than most people think. This article explains how to get started and shows how easy it is to cook great chili recipes.

Panini Cooking

Italian panini can be made in minutes in your own home. No need to spend hours cooking or money in restaurants. You can make gourmet panini in minutes.

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