Gordon Ramsay and Gino D’Acampo Do A Blind Taste Test

Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Great Christmas Roast – Catch the full show tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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The Secret to Cooking Real Downhome Grits

Don’t let the word scare you. Grits are just ground corn. Cornmeal is also ground corn but a finer grind than grits.

An Introduction to Chinese Cooking

When you cook a Chinese meal you become part of the fascinating expression of the oldest enduring culture in the history of the world. No other people have exhibited such creativity, ingenuity, sense of taste and feeling for harmony in the preparation of their food. It is, therefore, both fitting and appropriate that Chinese cooking is described as an art. Cooking and eating are so inextricably entwined that together they become not only an art, but also a recreation and a social activity for the Chinese people.

Cream Cheese Cooking Tips

Place a completely unwrapped package of block cream cheese, either regular or light creamed cheese, in microwaveable bowl. Microwave on HIGH for 30 to 45 seconds or just until softened. Add 15 seconds for each additional block of cheese. Alternately, leave your creamed cheese, wrapped, out at room temperature for about an hour before using.

Using the Proper Tool to Shuck an Oyster

If you plan on having a fancy dinner party or just want to dazzle your dinner guests, fresh oysters are the perfect appetizer. However, shucking an oyster is a difficult task for many people. So let’s break it down in to simple steps.

The Wonders of Cooking With Mustard

I know what you are thinking, what more can you do with mustard than to spread it on a hamburger or hot dog? Well the answer is simple. While the traditional use of mustard for hotdogs, hamburgers and sandwiches will forever be locked into our families diet the truth is this is just the tip of the iceberg

Bread Makers – An Overview

A bread maker is an electronic device that makes bread-baking easy and fast. It consists of a pan to bake the bread, with a paddle in the center to mix the ingredients. There are different methods to bake various types of dough. Earlier, bread makers didn’t succeed in giving proper shapes to bread, but recent ones make symmetrical and tasty bread.

Microwave Cooking – Some Handy Tips

No doubt, cooking in a microwave is fun and its number one advantage is that it makes the cooking fast. Isn’t it great when you can cook your favorite dish by investing less energy and less time? For many of the people, the answer would be yes.

Making Your Own Breakfast

What’s for breakfast? Learn how to make lots of delicious breakfasts.

Two Tips For Great Winter BBQ

Just because there is some snow on the ground it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a BBQ. Admittedly your family and friends may not want to sit around watching you cook and listening to the story about the big fish that got away. They will however still enjoy the perfectly cooked steak, ribs or just about anything else you produce.

Freezing For Christmas

The Christmas period is a happy but busy time for all of us. Make full use of your deep freeze in preparing all sorts of time saving items.

Recipe Tweaking For the Home Chef

Take a good recipe and make it a great one with your personal spin. “What’s for supper?” becomes an pleasant experience instead of a chore.

Toasted Sandwich Maker – All-Clad Panini Maker

Have your kids flown the nest? Are you wanting to eat healthier but not spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Then try an All-Clad Panini Maker or toasted sandwich maker. The stove top style is easy to clean and is a great way for healthy cooking for two. A toasted sandwich maker also makes a great stove top grill and since it cooks from the top and bottom it cuts cooking time in half. Here’s a few tips and ideas for quick easy meals.

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