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Gordon loses one of his bakers without any foresight or warning at the worst time.

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Delicious Dinner Ideas Using Alaskan Seafood

There are a wide variety of delicious sablefish recipes, but consumers should note that sablefish, a species found in the North Pacific and very popular in Alaskan, Canadian, British, and Japanese diets, also goes by a variety of other names, including butterfish, black cod, bluefish, and coal cod. The delicate texture and rich flavor of Alaskan sablefish, regionally known as black cod, has yielded comparisons to sea bass, and the fish is chock-full of the anti-coronary disease fatty acids, omega-3s. Black cod, or sablefish, is harvested in the pure, icy waters off the shores of Alaska from March through November, making black cod a very well-priced, available product.

Getting Back to Basics – DIY Salmon Fillets

As most of us lead very busy lives, when it comes to food, we like to keep things simple. Sure, we eat healthy. It’s very easy to go to the supermarket and pick up some nice, juicy salmon fillets, take them home, season them with some salt and pepper and maybe some lemon or thyme and pop them on the grill for some 15-20 minutes. Voila, a healthy, heart friendly meal in no time. However, there’s something about the whole DIY, slow food movement that gives you a deeper sense of satisfaction. Nothing beats the feeling of pride and accomplishment you get from knowing how to fillet a whole salmon all by yourself.

A Delicious Taste of the Bering Sea Right at Home

Bering Sea pollock is a delightful mild white fish that is the perfect addition to any meal. Even if guests are not the biggest fans of seafood, the delicate taste of pollock will be a pleasant surprise for even the most skeptic diner. The versatility of this fish is one of its greatest attributes and those that hail from the Alaskan coast are sure to be of the highest quality flavor without the danger of harmful toxins. One great recipe is for pollock fillets almondine.

Cooking the Good Stuff – Dungeness Crab

Crab is a wonderful treat to bring to the dinner table thanks to its mild flavor and delicate meat. Dungeness crab is an especially enjoyable variety found along the Western coast of the United States. When cooking Dungeness crab it is important that you do so in a fashion that will not compromise the unique flavor of the meat. The best way to cook crab is to boil it but the biggest choice is whether you will use live or flash frozen crab. The level of freshness is obviously better with the live crab but most crabbers flash freeze their catch right after removing it from the water, locking in the taste.

Endless Flavor With Dungeness Crab

Seafood can be a bit tricky for people just learning to cook. Freshness is extremely important since seafood can go badly quite quickly and the natural flavor of the meat is also heavily reliant on how fresh it is. Learning how to cook Dungeness crab is a great way to be introduced into the world of preparing seafood. The ubiquity of this crab on the West coast of the United States and Canada means that people from all different areas have created wonderful recipes to celebrate the delicious flavor of Dungeness crab. A particularly Californian recipe is for crab stuffed avocados.

Delicious Salmon From the Coldest, Freshest Waters on the Planet

Salmon is an extremely versatile fish and makes any meal an absolute fan favorite. The meat does not have an overwhelming taste so it is enjoyable even for individuals who may not be the biggest fans of seafood. Bristol Bay salmon is some of the best fish on the market. These salmon live in the clean, icy waters off of the coast of Alaska where they develop their unique flavor and texture, providing diners with all of the Omega-3 fatty acids that are great for the body without the damaging toxins. While the salmon has a naturally great taste there are a lot of recipes out there that help bring out the best in the fish.

How to Roast Fresh Alaska Seafood

You’ve tried all methods of preparing fresh Alaska seafood – broiling, boiling, baking, grilling, frying, and sauteing. But have you tried roasting? While not a conventional method of preparing fish and shellfish, it can be a tasty alternative.

Prepare Fresh Alaska Seafood Straight From the Freezer

Here’s a tip for home cooks: Alaska’s premium fresh-frozen seafood can be cooked frozen, with minimal prep time. There are many ways to prepare premium fresh-frozen seafood. Stovetop grilling or sauteing is one popular method.

Learn How to Cook Delicious and Tasty Weathervane Scallops

Weathervane scallops are the largest scallops around. They are one of the several species of true scallops found in the Pacific Ocean. Their sweet, succulent meat is considered a delicacy and they make an exquisite addition to any meal. Diners all over the world from Shanghai to San Francisco, enjoy these scallops. The Weathervane scallop harvest is a mere fraction of that of the East Coast harvest; so it is really a delicacy. Although many weathervane scallop recipes favor searing, there are a number of manners for preparing these great tasting scallops.

Culinary Secrets – Learn How to Cook Fillets to Perfection

As more and more people endeavoring to learn how to cook their own healthy meals, inevitably, they will make mistakes. It’s not so easy when you are first starting out, especially since there’s a huge variety of food out there and each individual ingredient requires special attention. Here we will take a look at cooking fish. Many people turn to fish for its amazing health benefits. Fish, especially wild caught varieties such as wild Alaskan salmon and cod, are not only delicious and pretty easy to prepare, they are also filled with heart healthy omega 3s, which help boost our immune systems and keep our hearts strong and disease free.

All About Weathervane Sea Scallops – The Jumbo Scallop

Scallops are known for their sweet, fresh tasting meat. They are popular, but they haven’t really achieved the heights of fame such as salmon or even crab. Scallops are often underrated; although considered a delicacy, some would say they are an acquired taste. Many people don’t really know much about scallops and even the name confuses them.

Recipe Ideas For Thick Alaskan Fish Fillets

The size of most of the fish species being harvested in the Alaskan fisheries is truly impressive, and few other marine habitats in the world can boast specimens of equal weight, length, and delicious taste and firm texture. Really, the natural properties of most species of fish native to the Alaskan waters are exceedingly favorable, in particular with the most prized species of the area, the several kinds of salmon as well as cod and halibut, just to name the most popular. All across the nation they are served to the delight of seafood lovers, who crave a nice big chunk of fish fillet for dinner.

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