Gordon Clashes With Incapable Owners | Hotel Hell

Will these lost-cause hotels embrace the changes?

Season 1, Episode 2

The visit comes to a head when Ramsay discovers that Robert has been taking a percentage of the servers’ tips. He approaches Robert in his $100,000 motor coach to explain his findings, mandating that he calls a friend to explain the tip situation, only to be told that she left money with Robert. At that point, Ramsay storms out in his own SUV. Ramsay, originally thinking that Juniper Hill was a lost cause, returns with an appraiser to determine the value of Robert’s antique collection, only to find that most of the supposedly original paintings turned out to be reproductions and the antiques were not at all valuable. Robert, realizing his errors, apologizes to the staff. Ramsay further compounds the situation when he brings in former guests of this hotel to rate their experience, angering Ari. This led to the hotel’s refurbishment and relaunch, with Ramsay’s invitation to the locals to visit. The only change to the rooms was to repair the plumbing problem. The hotel went into foreclosure with debts of $1.4 million in April 2014. A year later, it was sold to new owners and reopened as the Windsor Mansion Inn.

Season 1, Episode 6

Ramsay visits a husband-and-wife-operated inn located at the former Roosevelt Elementary school. The wife, Tina, is a reluctant partner in an impulse real estate investment by her husband, John Hough, a former student of the school. The hotel has been plagued by unwashed linens, outdated decor, and a small kitchen. The food is atrocious. Gordon is served frozen shrimp cocktail, a mushy salmon and a soft boiled egg that is raw in the center. Besides the bad food the owner hosts a monthly gathering for a barely profitable murder mystery, in which he plays the role of Sherlock Holmes. After Gordon finally convinced John to see that change was necessary he and his team started the renovations. Ramsay’s team’s makeover includes updating the interior decor, devising a home-cooked menu that can be made from the small kitchen, and revamping the hotel’s wedding business. A wedding is celebrated the same night of the reveal and runs smoothly. After Ramsay left the owners embraced the changes to decor and menu and remain open with a steady uptick in bookings after the changes were made.

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Gordon Clashes With Incapable Owners | Hotel Hell

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