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Is It Good to Use Margarine As a Butter Substitute for Cooking?

The old debate over which is better for cooking, butter or margarine, has been rolling on for what seems like forever now! While many are still engaged in the argument, we’ve gotten out textbooks and done some research so that we can give you the all facts you need to know about cooking with margarine. Using margarine as a butter substitute for cooking has become more popular in the recent past – why?

How To Add Natural Flavor To Your Water

Personalizing your water drinking experience will make you love drinking water even more which is definitely a healthy habit. You can personalize your experience by adding flavor to your water.

Good Lunch Tips With Margarine

Packing sandwiches for your lunch break or kids’ midday energy boost can seem like a challenge, especially when you’re trying to keep it healthy and interesting. But never fear! Here are some great tips on how using healthy margarine in your lunches can help keep you and your family happy and well.

Five Easy and Healthy Recipes From the Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine is vastly different in Japan from what you may see in America. In the U.S. it has been westernized and that can be fattening for you. Getting back to the basics of proper cuisine for the culture, here are five recipes that will introduce you to Japanese cooking in a healthy way. The main staples of a Japanese diet are rice, fish, vegetables, soy, fruit, noodles and the famous green tea. That gives you a lot to choose from when it comes to preparing your meals. Most recipes can be adapted to different tastes. For example, if you don’t like radishes, substitute shiitake mushrooms or bamboo shoots.

How To Prepare Five Delicious And Healthy Low-Fat Salad Dressings

We can all agree that salads are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. With a variety of additions, you can make a meal out of a salad and get nutrition from just about all of the major food groups. But, that perfect meal can be destroyed if you choose the wrong salad dressing to go with it. Many of us don’t think about what we top our salad with. We are careful to use sprouts, shelled nuts, lettuce and spinach leaves but we then drown it all in our favorite salad dressing. That favorite dressing just added a whole heap of fat to your meal.

Travel to Asia by Learning to Cook Their Meals

Get fun through Asian food and culture. Learn how to cook Asian foods and add amazing Asian spicy dishes to your dining.

Cooking Ways of Slow Smoky Pulled Pork BBQ

For making easy BBQ pulled pork recipes there is need to first know the barbeque process of pulled pork. Those who are new to it really need to know the process of smoking meats or should watch BBQ cooking shows.

Top 5 Uses of Electrical Smokers

Planning to buy an electrical smoker is not at all a bad idea. After all, you get to cook healthy as well as delicious food when you use the smoker. Designed in accordance to the need of modern day people, electrical smoker is a stylish yet highly convenient option that allows you to retain the flavor of smoked meat without actually going through the hassles of setting up a wood and charcoal grill.

Electrical Smokers: Shifting to a Healthier, Tastier and Easier Way of Cooking

We all love the delicious food cooked on wood and charcoal grills, don’t we? The mere smell of meat being grilled boosts your appetite making you want to eat more every time. But cooking on the wooden charcoal grills is time consuming and requires a lot of space.

Kid Friendly Recipes and Cooking

Kid friendly cooking produces a different kind of challenge in the kitchen. It’s often very hard to get kids to eat the healthy foods which are best for their developing bodies. Many of us are familiar with the old food pyramid along with the number of servings a growing child should take in of wholesome grains, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and calcium products. Although you wish to give them those very essential nutrients, we all know that getting your kids to eat and make healthy choices is another matter all together.

What Are the Benefits of Sunflower Oil?

There are many of us all over the world that use and consume sunflower oil on a daily basis. During the day you will either have a lunch or dinner where cooking oil has been used. For example, for lunch you may have chosen a hamburger with fries where your hamburger was cooked in oil and your fries were deep fried in frying oil. Or for dinner you may go home and roast a chicken in the oven where you would use sunflower oil in the baking tray before placing the chicken on it. So if we are consuming sunflower oil on such a regular basis, can it be good for us?

Having Trouble Taking the Shell Off Boiled Eggs – Read This

Nutritionists over the years have gone back and forth if eggs are truly healthy for us. We are now getting used to the fact that eggs are not only nutritious, but they are truly great for your heart health. The evidence is clear now that eggs are in fact one of the healthiest foods we can eat, as they can actually help prevent disease, including diseases of the heart.

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