Gawin niyo ito sa potato at shrimp ang sarap tapos iprito wow ang sarap

This recipe it only my own recipe it so delicious try this only simple ingredient
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How to Save Money by Cooking at Home

Making dinner every night can be difficult, especially if both you and your partner work. But there is a way you can save both time and money, and prepare delicious and healthy meals in the bargain.

Impress Even Your Toughest Critic, Learn How to Cook King Crab

King crab is prized for its succulent, juicy snow-white meat and its grand size. There are three main types of commercially fished king crab: red, blue, and golden or brown king crab. Red king crab is the most valued as it has the sweetest meat packed full in its long, large legs. When choosing king crab, you can tell the difference in types by color and shape. Although most have a reddish shade, each crab varies as to intensity and brightness of color. Golden king crabs are more orange and they have smaller legs than the other types of crabs. Blue king crabs are red with a hint of orange, while red king crabs, are solid red and have long, slim legs.

Widen Your Culinary Spectrum With Some Fine Alaska Rockfish

The Alaskan fishing industry pulls up many different species from the water, and the biodiversity of the Alaskan waters is so tremendous that consumers of these diverse seafood products frequently end up confusing one species for another. This happens to be the case for the rockfish, which is commonly referred to as sea bass and is also confused with perch on occasions; in fact, there are over thirty different varieties of rockfish species, making this one fish with a ton of disguises. Luckily for us, all of them are delicious!

Call it What You Will – Rockfish Rocks, and it is Here to Stay

The rockfish was little known over 20 or 30 years ago; it was not harvested by any of the Pacific fisheries on a significant or even mentionable scale until about the early ’80s, at which point-seemingly magically-the national appetite for rockfish burgeoned way beyond even the shrewdest fishing skipper’s wildest expectations. Since it was relatively unknown until that point, the rockfish has been the victim of misnomers and false associations, the most common of which is the tendency to refer to it as sea bass (even though it is not a part of the bass family of fish).

Best Ways to Use Food Seasonings – Part II

Part I of this article discussed the ways of using food seasonings, such as salt and pepper, to enhance the flavor of your recipes. This article discusses some more ways to use food seasonings other than salt and peppers.

Best Ways to Use Food Seasonings – Part I

When it comes to food seasonings, there is a wide variety of spices and flavorings available in the market. These seasonings do enhance the flavor of our food, but only when used in the right quantities and in the right ways. Learning to use them is not difficult, but is a process of trial and error in which you can gain expertise only after practice. Here are some great ways to use food seasonings in a better way.

How to Clean Fruit For Juicing

Nutritionists have been telling us for years that the majority of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables are in or just inside the rind or peel. This means that a person seeking to gain the maximum nutritional value when juicing fruits should use the entire fruit including the rind or peel. But, most commercially grown fruit is treated with various chemicals to retard spoilage, kill pests, and ripen in a specific time frame. Many of these foreign substances are actually toxic, so it is important to know how to clean fruit for juicing.

Quick Easy Cheap Meals – Proper Storage of Celery

Proper storage of food saves time, money and natural resources. You have already made an investment of both time and money to go buy the food. You don’t want to have to invest both time and money again if the food spoils– before you can use it– due to poor storage techniques. Most foods are labeled with storage instructions. That’s your best source for information about that food. When information is not available on the package, you must search for it; also ask other people what works for them. Quick Easy Cheap Meals rely on proper food storage.

How to Reduce the Risks of Salmonella When Cooking Chicken

Recently, the perils of Salmonella, in particular from cooking chicken, have been mentioned so much on TV that you would expect infection from Salmonella to have reduced to almost zero. Sadly this is not the case. For people who eat chicken regularly, the dangers of getting sick or worse are far higher than they should be, and thousands of people are infected every year.

The Endless Ways to Prepare Alaskan King Crabs

Alaskan king crabs are one of the many different types of Alaskan seafood that can greatly enhance and enrich you and your family’s dinner menu. Tired of the making the same old meatloaf on Wednesday night? Your family is probably tired of eating it then as well. But don’t fret; coming up with a new way to feed yourself or your family and friends is not as difficult as you might suspect. Fact it, it is extremely easy when you use Alaskan king crabs as your main ingredient.

Ways of Cooking Asian Food

You know that currency coins have two sides! When you flip it up, it will land with one side up and the other side down. It is just to indicate the facing direction of the coin. This is also true with food cooking. Whether you cook it this way or that way, you are right. There are many ways of cooking our food.

The 5 Best Varieties of Cooking Apples

These different varieties of cooking apples all stand up well when baked into a pastry. The firmness of the flesh and the flavors all contribute to great pies. Some varieties of cooking apples have multiple uses.

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