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What’s For Dinner Tonight? 2nd Edition

What’s for dinner tonight? Stuffed Mangoes looking like a work of art. Way back when, I was the type of kid who would not eat anything that did not look pleasing to the eye. So, to my mom, presentation was everything in order to have her picky child attain good nutrition. The way she made stuffed mangoes was like Michelangelo creating the David but of a slightly lesser omnipotence.

Low Price Cooking: Getting More for Less

Due to the rapid change and innovation that is happening to the world, funny may it sounds but even in the food lifestyle, taste modification and enhancement is rampant. There are lots of artificial and imitated ingredients and spices that are now coming out of the market. These preservatives intend to enhance the flavor and savor of a particular cuisine but too much of it can make the food unnatural, unhealthy and may cause certain health problems.

How to Select a Beef Brisket for Barbecuing

Beef brisket is excellent for barbecuing, but only if you know how to select it. There are plenty of cuts of brisket on the market and choosing the right one can make or break the aspiring BBQ chef at the cooker.

What Is The Best Material For Pots And Pans?

When choosing pots and pans to add to your kitchen there are only a few choices of materials available. In this article we will explore the nature of each material and look into the pros and cons of each. Aluminum has long been a popular choice especially when combined with bright outer colors to enhance its appearance.

Playing It Safe In The Kitchen

There’s no getting around safety in the kitchen. There are certain safety guidelines that are sacrosanct; compromising on these ground rules puts your whole family’s health at risk.

Waffle Maker by Waring Pro – Benefits and Features

If you’re looking for a great waffle maker you should try the new Waring Pro. It’s like the ones you find in use at the continental breakfasts in hotels across America. This appliance makes excellent Belgian waffles in just a few minutes.

Find Tasty Ways to Cook and Save With 4G

Healthy eating has become a priority as studies have revealed the link between a balanced diet and overall well-being. Yet the labels ‘organic’ and ‘all-natural’ often translate into high grocery store bills. If you want to keep cost down while improving eating habits, it is necessary to invest a bit more time in food preparation and try new recipes. With 4G by your side, you can not only find new meal ideas but also get tips to keep your cooking time to a minimum.

Exactly What Education Do You Need to Become a Chef Today?

You might think that you need a full four-year degree in order to become a chef, but that isn’t true. Although there are certainly some very good four-year programs in the culinary arts, they aren’t really the way into the kitchen. They are generally designed more for restaurant managers or owners, rather than creative and talented chefs.

Cooking Chitterling The Southern Way

Most people might not be quite familiar with how to cook chitterlings. But the best way to cook chitterlings the southern way is to use the best southern seasoning.

Culinary Grants and Scholarships Are Available for Your Education

The key to getting any kind of culinary grants and scholarships is first in finding a legitimate, certified school. If you go to a two-year college or a four-year university, you should not have any trouble with this, as long as the school is fully accredited.

Becoming a Pastry Chef Can Be Easy!

The steps to becoming a pastry chef used to involve traveling to a foreign country and spending years in school, but no longer. You can now get all the skills and training you need by attending a culinary academy in your home town, or even online.

For Hundreds Of Years Cast Iron Skillets Have Served Us Well

Many of the cooking utensils we are familiar with today would be unknown by the cooks of the nineteenth century and earlier. Old or new these pans serve well with but little care and attention. Otherwise there is not much else to wish for in these very basic yet much appreciated kitchen tools.

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