Fishing for Conger Eel | Gordon Ramsay

Conger eel have a fairly monstrous aesthetic, and as such aren’t held to the same high esteem as their other sea-rivals. Gordon is determined to change that.
From Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word
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It is All About Cooking Fresh

Just how many people do you know use the freshest ingredients that they can when they cook a meal or just something to tide them over until the next meal? You surely do not know a lot of them because there is actually not a lot of people who cook things from fresh ingredients.

Five Top Tips on Planning and Making Family Dinner Easier

Struggling to come up with interesting dinner ideas for your family? Are you finding it hard to make the time to produce meals for your family consistently? Getting take-out food a bit too often? Well check out our tips to help you plan and produce quality dinners every night of the week and still spend time with your family.

Best Tools For Cooking Over Wood

You just got your new fire ring or fire pit, and you are ready to try cooking. Ok, maybe the first thing is to sit outside and enjoy the gloriousness of the flame. But at some point, you’ll begin to wonder, can I cook on this thing?

Traditional and Authentic Tools of the Trade For Mexican and Tex-Mex Cooking

These are a list of authentic tools that are used for Mexican and Tex-Mex cooking. None of these are crucial to these cuisines, but they all provide an authentic, useful tool for this kind of cooking. Your kitchen won’t have that Mexican flare if you don’t put these tools to work.

5 Things to Know Before Cooking Over Wood

Cooking with hardwood isn’t that much different then cooking over charcoal or on a gas grill. Or even over a stove for that matter. Your goal is to get hot coals to provide a steady heat source.

Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes are an American recipe, enjoyed by both old and young alike. They are very popular throughout the country, although they are known by are number of other names in some parts of the United States – “wimpies” in the Northeast, “yip yips” in parts of Illinois, “slushburgers” in parts of the mid West and so forth. However, unlike some other kinds of American sandwiches (hamburgers, cheeseburgers, club sandwiches, etc.), sloppy Joes are not widely known or eaten outside the United States.

Secrets to Canning Salsa

What is salsa? Salsa is a mixture of low acid and high acid foods. The base is tomatoes. Blended in are onions, peppers, chilies and spices. The final salsa mixture must contain enough acid to prevent the growth of food spoiling bacteria and the deadly Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

Top 6 Varieties of Dried Chilies – How Hot Are They, and What Do I Do With These Peppers?

These are the more popular dried chilies, with a short description of what they look and taste like, as well as what the pepper is called before drying. These dried peppers are listed from the mildest to the hottest.

Ten Tips For Cooking Perfect Shrimp

We will tell you how to cook fresh or frozen shrimp and explain the different shrimp cooking methods. There are many ways to cook shrimp.

Fast Cooking – How the Right Cutting Equipment Can Make You Cook Every Meal in Less Time

There is so little time to cook in our hectic schedule that many of us would do anything to be able to cook faster. You can, if you know certain tricks. Did you, for example, ever think that choosing your knives and cutting tools wisely could make you quicker in preparing food? Discover how it can in this article!

Competition BBQ – What is a Competition BBQ? Part 1

Competition BBQ has grown in popularity over the last two decades to become in many cases both a spectacle and a source of open competition that reflects the great American tradition of cooking BBQ food. This is the first part in a series of BBQ competition articles to educate and encourage those who are new to this great source of competition and camaraderie.

I Love Anchovies! I’ll Bet You Think You Don’t Love Anchovies But You Do, Too

What is that makes people run screaming from dishes that have the word anchovy attached to them? People see anchovies listed on the menu in their neighborhood pizza parlor or in a Caesar salad in a restaurant and turn their noses up. Well, not me. I love anchovies. To me, anchovies mean an exciting dish.

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