Fast Food Done Right | Gordon Ramsay | Part 3

More fast food-inspired recipes to try out!

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The In-laws Will Visit in Half an Hour! Can I Have a Cake Ready to Serve That Will Impress Them?

Is this a moment of pure fear to you? The in-laws just rang to say they’ll be “popping around in just a moment, dear!”… And your house is a mess and there’s absolutely nothing in the kitchen to serve them for afternoon tea!!

How Do I Line a Tin, Take a Cake Out of a Tin, Or Know When a Cake is Cooked to Perfection?

Does it feel like there’s just too much to learn, when it comes to mastering cake baking? Does it frustrate you when they skip over the important bits on cooking shows, like showing you how to prepare a cake tin, or test a partly-cooked cake? Well, it annoys me too! You know why? Because it is actually SO SIMPLE!

How Can I Make Every Cake Look Impressive Without Knowing Professional Cake Decorating?

Ever sighed in awe at those professionally-decorated cakes at the county fair or fete? Ever stared in wonder at the beauty of a perfectly decorated cake, your mouth watering at the deliciousness that must be waiting inside that gorgeous exterior?

Fast Meals – Five Ways to Save Time in the Kitchen

Think you can’t make a meal in under an hour? Think again. With a few simple changes, you can cut your cooking time to half an hour or less without sacrificing flavor or nutrition. This article shows you how.

Healthy Menu Planning For Money Saving Nutritious Meals

We are always searching for easy to save some extra money every month especially those who have a limited budget or a lifestyle which allows them little time to eat nutritious meals every day. Below are some ways to work out healthy menu planning to add nutrition and other benefits to your and the family’s diet. The first way to start healthy menu planning is to set a budget you can live with.

Cooking Turkey – How Much Time Does it Take to Cook a Turkey?

The traditional way to cook a turkey is to roast it. Even roasting can be done a number of different ways. To start with, always wash a turkey thoroughly. Check it over for any remaining pin feathers, and cut off large chunks of fat. Tying the drumsticks together with a piece of string and securing the wings with toothpicks will help ensure even browning.

How to Cook Prime Rib – Tips For Cooking Delicious Prime Ribs

Are you afraid to cook prime rib because it’s such an expensive piece of beef? It’s not that difficult, takes few ingredients and it’s an entree that will definitely impress your guests. Remember to buy the best grade of rib roast you can afford. The higher the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) grade, the better the meat will taste.

Low Carb Beef Jerky – Making Your Own in 5 Simple Steps

In a time where counting carbs has become second nature, would you like to be able to make your own snack that’s guaranteed to be high in protein, low in fat and most importantly – low in carbohydrates? You can!

How to Make Fondue Night the Perfect Social Meal

Learning how to make fondue can allow you to spend quality time eating with your family and friends instead of slaving in the kitchen for hours. After all, great food is meant to be enjoyed with great people, isn’t it? Find out more about the five most common types of fondue.

Meal Ideas For Outdoor Fire Pits

If you’ve ever wondered what the best foods to cook on an outdoor fire pit were, read on. We discuss barbecue methods on fire pits and various food groups that are both fun to cook and good to eat.

Cooking – How to Use Cooking Oils (When and Why to Use What)

This article will list and explain the different types of cooking oils we can use in our normal cooking routine. I will list the 5 main oils used in everyday cooking and describe their cooking characteristics. Learn what to use, when, and why.

Healthy Meal Plans For Better Nutrition

Are you interested in adding healthy meal plans to you or your families nutritional plan each day? Do you want to loose weight or build a better body for yourself? To do any of these things, one must understand the basic principles behind healthy meal plans to ensure they are eating correctly and adding the correct foods.

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