Eggs Baked in Hash Browns | Gordon Ramsay

Gordon shows how to make an American style breakfast.

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All About Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Wood fired pizza ovens are considered to be “low tech” but highly efficient. Because of advanced thermal engineering and materials used in the design and construction of these types of ovens, foods can be prepared very quickly.

Indian Food – How to Make Delicious Indian Food

If you want to surprise your family with something different for dinner then a unique and delicious Indian dish might be your perfect choice. However, being a non-Indian you might wonder why the ‘Chicken butter masala’ or the ‘Goan fish curry’ that you cooked did not taste the same as your Indian friend made it when you visited them.

The Basics of Preservation

Canning and freezing are the two main ways to store foods for year-round enjoyment. In canning, heat destroys troublesome organisms in food, and the sealed containers prevent recontamination of the food. During freezing, the very cold temperature slows down the growth and activity of organisms and enzymes.

How to Do Pressure Canning

Low-acid foods, such as vegetables (except tomatoes), meats, poultry, and fish must be processed in pressure canner to destroy the heat-resistant bacteria that could cause food poisoning. A higher temperature (240 degree F to 250 degree F) can only be reached in a pressure canner.

Why Cooking With a Gas Smoker is Best

When I get asked “What is the best way to cook meat – grilling or with a smoker?”, the fast answer is “With a gas smoker”. However that is not always the complete answer. Usually the person asking has some other factors that are important like speed or ease. Let’s explore these.

How to Prepare Delicious Chicken Wings

Chicken wings is a classical American dish. See how to prepare the most delicious and crispy chicken wing.

Egg Cookers and Egg Poachers – A Buyers Guide to the Top Brands

If you happen to be in the market for an egg cooker, you probably already know there are a host of designs and styles to choose from. The terms egg cooker and egg poacher are often used interchangeably, however there is technically a difference. Of course the most appropriate egg cooking devise will depend on your intended use. Hopefully this article may be useful in highlighting the differences in the various types of egg cookers, and make the decision making process just a bit easier.

Electric Egg Poacher – New Innovations Make Owning One a No-Brainer

The electric egg poacher has been around for a long time. But recent innovations have changed the image and functionality of this class of small appliance. The electric egg poacher, which actually steams eggs, is becoming more and more popular. Usually theses machine are multi-purpose and can perform a variety of functions.

10 Ways to Make Cooking More Enjoyable

Bored of cooking? Want to spice up your time in the kitchen? Want to get the children involved? Find out how you can make cooking more enjoyable.

Let’s Get Cooking – Quick and Easy Does It

There is so much to say for small kitchen appliances, like a toaster oven for example. Instead of heating up the whole oven for one serving of food, and using far more electricity or gas than is required to cook your meal, you can just plug in your little oven for a few minutes.

Cooking With an Electric Cooker

Electric cookers are a great tool to have when you are involved in the preparation for a large cookout. A large electric pressure cooker can also be good for the creation of a large batch of stew on those cold winter nights.

The Benefits of Cooking For Two

It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking for two out of necessity or romance there are plenty of combinations that are sure to please. Something to keep in mind when cooking for two; it’s much more fun when both people are actively involved in the entire process.

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