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Different Types of Nuts

A Nut can be defined as a very hard shelled type of fruit of certain plants that comes with a specific type of seed called indehiscent. All the while, there is a wide selection of dried fruits and seeds that are also called nuts. This is a fairly comprehensive lit of various types of nuts.

My Favorite Quinoa Breakfast Recipes

For any breakfast recipe to be successful at all, it has to satisfy a number of standards. It has to be quick to prepare, delicious, nutritious and filling. Did I say quick to prepare? Here are 3 of my favorite quinoa breakfast recipes that meet all these criteria.

Microwave Safe: Are Toxins Leaking Into Your Food?

We need to stop heating anything in plastic-microwavable plastic-all plastic. Heat from a microwave (oven and dishwasher too) causes substances used in manufacturing the plastic (plasticizers) to possibly leak into our food.

4 Steps For Cooking Large Meals For Groups Of People

Learn how to cook large meals for people. Follow these tips so that cooking for a large group is easier.

Cooking Rashers And Sausages

Learn about cooking rashers and sausages. Find out what you should and shouldn’t do to preserve flavor.

Tips For Cooking Fried Chicken

Learn how to make and cook fried chicken. Follow these steps and it will be easy!

Tips For Cooking Steak

Learn how to prepare steak for cooking. Follow these tips to make your steak extra tender and juicy.

Chinese Spring Roll

Spring roll is one of the most famous Chinese dishes. To be more exactly, we should call it chicken roll spring. Now, this dish is not only popular in China but also it spreads to USA, Canada, Italy, France, Japan etc.

Cook For A Crowd With Lang BBQ Smokers

There are many good smoker brands on the market, but if you are truly serious about your BBQ your choices are more limited. Lang BBQ smokers are some of the best if you will be frequently smoking ribs or brisket for large gatherings.

Good Diet For Better Health

In today’s world consumption of food having high calories has increased because of the busy lifestyle of humans. They are in a hurry to go to workplace, and they will have to consume baked foods and snack, which have high calorific values.

A Short History and Introduction to Russian Cuisine

Russian cuisine isn’t exactly famous the world over, yet anyone who has come into contact with some Russian dishes is usually shocked by the caloric content. Why has Russian cuisine developed this way? Though Russian consists of an absolutely huge landmass, most of it is unusable for long periods of the year, being simply too cold to support crop growth.

Charcoal Grill Cooking Tips

Do you love BBQ? Here is some advice to get the most of your charcoal grill.

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