Cooking With Tomatoes | Gordon Ramsay

Tomatoes are a versatile vegetable used across the globe, here are a few recipes that use them.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Menu: What You Ought To Know Before Deciding What To Serve For Dinner

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Cooking Restaurant Meals at Home With Copycat Recipes

There is something about cooking at home that is so much more satisfying than eating out all the time. Not only can you save alot of money by cooking at home, it is also genuinely gratifying when there is great appreciation from friends and family eating your specially prepared meals.

Beginners Guide to Creating Restaurant Dishes

Many people shy away from attempting to cook restaurant style dishes at home, purely because they believe they don’t have the skills or that the dishes are going to be overly complicated to get right

Why You Should Learn The Basics Of Gourmet Cooking

Gourmet cooking may seem inaccessible, something only wealthy people can enjoy, or even intimidating. There’s no reason to feel this way about it. If you’re interesting in gourmet cooking, that’s the most important part.

Scottish Haggis Recipe

Another Scottish favourite recipe!

Time To Put The Kids To Work

If your son or daughter is about 8 or older, you look at all the money spent to make sure he or she is well fed, clothed, entertained etc. You find yourself cutting back on your personal spending to get stuff for the kids. Like many parents out there, your probably thinking the same thing…Its time your child get out there and start earning his or her keep. Get a job. Bring some money into the house.

Barbecuing the South African Way is Called “Braai” and We Love it – Here is How it is Done

You can ask any South African braai-enthusiast what is the best thing about braaing and they will probably respond with: “The gathering of good friends, a double (2 tots) brandy and Coke and the smell of “braai vleis” (meat cooking) in the air”.

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BBQ competitions are more popular than ever, often featured on The Food Network. Find out how YOU can get involved competing and judging these events.

Please Don’t Wash My Favorite Pot With Soap

I wish I had a dollar for every time I have asked someone not to use soap on my favorite pots. I wouldn’t be rich but I’d have a lot of dollars. Don’t get the wrong impression. Soap is good. Let me explain.

The Humble Onion: A Guide for Creative Cooks

This short article focuses on the humble and ubiquitous onion. Virtually every cuisine uses the onion or onion variant as a basic flavoring. In fact, Julia Child once said, “It is hard to imagine a civilization without onions.” Here we’ll take a look at what kinds of onions there are, their different tastes and qualities, and the different uses to which onions can be put. When you’re done reading you’ll feel a lot more confident going to the market and selecting onions, cooking with onions and creating recipes with onions as an ingredient.

Cooking with a Wood Fired Barbecue

Long before the advent of charcoal briquettes and propane people were cooking their meals over wood fueled fires. From the days of cave-men to less than one hundred years ago wood was the fuel of choice when it came to cooking. In this modern age we are constantly looking for a faster, cleaner and easier way to do everything, including preparing our meals

Spicing Food: An Introduction To the Art

Most cooks are shy about experimenting with new spice combinations. This article explains how different spice combinations are used in different cuisines. It includes an exercise and recipes to help cooks try out Italian and Indian flavoring, as well as giving pointers about trying out new cooking techniques.

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