Cooking Lobster with Jeremy Clarkson | Gordon Ramsay

Gordon and Jeremy cook some freshly caught lobster – a very nice alternative to a traditional Sunday lunch.
From Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word

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Healthy Cooking – The Only Diet You Need

Let’s face it: not all of us love to cook but we all love to eat. However, we may be looking to lose weight and cooking from home without a plan is not the key to losing weight. You must first discover the secret to healthy cooking. Do you ever wonder why there are some people out there who seem to eat exotic dishes but never seem to put on any weight? This is because they have already mastered healthy cooking.

A Breakfast Smoothie to Go!

It is difficult to make time for a good breakfast. Here are some tips to use frozen fruit in your smoothie maker to make a breakfast you can drink on the move.

How to Cook Low-Fat and Tasty Chinese Food

Everyone knows eating delicious Chinese food usually comes with a price: all those sodium, extra fat, and high-calorie dishes don’t bode well for those watching their diets. Your typical Chinese restaurant will pile on the oil and salt in order to maximize the taste and decrease their costs. Fresh ingredients usually cost more, and unless you are at high-end Asian dining establishment, expect the extra oil and salt (hidden in soy sauce, table salt, and oyster sauce, just to name a few) to end up on your plate and in your stomach.

Creole Tomatoes Now in Season

For a few weeks each year in early summer, New Orleans foodies try to make as many tomato dishes as possible. Right now is that time, the short season of creole tomatoes. These fantastic tomatoes are believed by most to be a hybrid of heirlooms. Creole tomatoes are an open-pollinated breed designed to grow in very hot, humid weather. They are a very rare variety which grow best in the delta region of the Mississippi River. Even those grown just north of Lake Ponchartrain (about 50 miles away), don’t quite measure up. Because of the short season and limited farming region, creole tomatoes are usually only available in southern Louisiana. However, it may be worth a try to attempt growing some yourself.

Have Fun Cooking Easy Recipes

Is it me or are only certain types of people able to have fun cooking? Are some people just naturally able to follow recipes and get them right every time? I personally think the way to really enjoy cooking is by making easy recipes that taste great.

After School Cooking Classes For Children

Ever consider having after school cooking classes for children. Children get so bored with their every day routines and they love to learn new things. Introduce this fun new way to allow children to make and take home their finished cooking products. You may even find an exciting career for yourself in the process.

Should You Learn Healthy Cooking Recipes?

Should you be looking to learn to cook healthy family recipes from home? If you really want to enjoy healthy food there is no way you can rely on the processed rubbish you buy in the stores with it’s many toxic additives. What can we do to ensure we are giving our family the best possible cooking possible that is healthy and nutritious for them.

Cooking Adventures With Your Family

Getting your family involved in the process of putting the meal on the table every night would seem to be an impossible job, but you can successfully pull it off with a little bit of planning and strategy. There are a lot of ways you can get your whole family involved in the dinner process without creating havoc in the house.

How to Use a Slow Cooker – Simplify Your Life

Many people still do not see the benefit of using a slow cooker. Slow cookers can save you time, money and work. You can use the slow cooker all year round.

Essential Tools For Frosting the Perfect Cake

Today’s selection of cake decorating tools is endless, but you may find yourself with a lot of nifty gadgets you don’t use. Getting back to basics, the following items are a good starting point for frosting a simply beautiful cake. Investing in high-quality, useful core tools will last you a lifetime of cake decoration.

Cooking Classes Online – Food Safety, Important Equipment

There’s more to cooking than cooking. As the docs day, “first, do no harm”. You need to know how handle food so as to keep everybody healthy. And then you need to know what basic equipment you need. Cooking classes online can help you learn all that easily and painlessly.

Online Cooking Lessons – Fun (And More) For the Whole Family

Want to harness the energy and helpfulness of the little ones? Want to de-sullenize a teenager? One way to do it is turn off the TV’s, put away the yoga mat and skip the Wii, and cook together. Online cooking lessons can help you all make a nutritious meal together all the while kibitzing and giggling.

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