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With Christmas a little over a week to go, here are some recipes that will stun your friends and family.

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Jewish Recipes

Religion, having a big impact on people’s way of living, has greatly influenced even what people eat. Sacred laws regarding food have paved the way for the creation of dishes especially made for a certain religion. Jewish recipes are an example. A kosher dish is anything which the Jewish law allows the Jews to eat. The Jewish bible, the Torah, contains the precise rules of what should constitute kosher Jewish food.

Cooking Fun – Really?

It is my belief that those who think that cooking cannot be fun, either haven’t really tried it OR haven’t tried the right recipes. What is more fun to me is to make things with ingredients I really like.

The Secret to Scrumptious BBQ is in the Preparation

Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered a plate full of the most succulent, mouth watering ribs or chicken that you ever tasted? Well, believe it or not, these tasty ribs (or chicken or brisket or butts) hardly compare to the better BBQ meats found at barbecue competitions.

Baking Ingredients – What Makes a Perfect Dessert!

An easy-to-follow guide on the basic Baking Ingredients required in every pantry and fridge. All that is required to make the perfect cake and dessert!

Crawfish Farms – Let the Mouth Waterin’ Begin

Let’s start at the beginning where some of the most satisfying Cajun dinners originate, on crawfish farms. Approximately 120,000 acres in Louisiana are dedicated to crawfish farms. If you ever wondered where crawfish come from, read on!

“Who Would Have Thought it Would Be So Easy to Make Home Made Pesto?” From a 13 Year-Old Boy

Studies show that by the time children finish grade school, they’ve lost a significant portion of their creativity. Most adults have less than 10% of their original problem solving creative capacity left. Yet, imagination and creativity is critical to increasing the quality of ones life. The creativity inherent in cooking not only helps maintain this inner asset, it significantly reduces the dependency on food designed for profit and the obvious consequences—obesity and diabetes.

Hands on Cooking Classes

Learning to cook doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. Take a hands on cooking class to learn the basics of cooking a really great meal.

Time-Saving Kitchen Tips

Saving time in the kitchen doesn’t mean making bland or unhealthy meals. Even the busiest moms can whip up a nice, healthy dinner with the right techniques. Here are three easy ways to make faster, better meals for your family.

Cooking With Chicken

Chicken is one of the most popular meats in the world, and for good reason. It’s cheap, healthy, and very easy to work with. Make the most of your chicken recipes with these quick suggestions.

Meal Planning – Your Ticket to Freedom

Meal planning is one of the best ways to save on your monthly grocery bill and a great way to help your family eat healthier and more efficiently. If you have children, then you have food waste and it probably drives you crazy. You work hard, clip grocery coupons and shop smart only to have them throw it in the trash. You can decrease the level of waste your family has by planning your meals ahead and shopping only for the quantities you need. Meal planning should be a family affair and will not only reign in extra food expense, but also help you have more time in your day.

Freezing Meals Ahead For the Beginner

By now, you’ve probably heard of making recipes ahead to have frozen meals on-hand for busy nights. There are many books on the subject and even businesses like Dream Dinners, where the customer goes to assemble their meals for freezing.

Eating Healthy For One

When you’re on your own, and you’re planning on eating healthy for one, it can seem like a daunting and thankless task. Yet if you plan carefully, you can both save time and eat healthier than you might have thought you could. Almost any meal that you would normally cook for a full family can be adjusted to making individual meals for eating healthy for one. If you have some spare time, one day a week, you can create a variety of delicious, healthy meals for yourself.

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