CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Honey Glazed Ham With Pear & Saffron Chutney

A classic recipe paired with a delicious chutney.

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“A hearty dinner together with a wonderfully homey dessert.

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course –
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The Simple Basics of Healthy Cooking For the Whole Family

How can you cook healthy food for the whole family? Is cooking healthy too much to do when you’re trying to balance a family and a job. Well busy moms who want to eat healthier can easily start to cook healthier too with a few of these simple tips.

Looking Forward to a BBQ Summer

After weathering the misery of winter we can start to come out of hibernation and start to prepare for our BBQ summer. We’ll be able to prepare food outside and invite family and friends where everyone can have a good time. It’s time to get the grill out!

How to Bread Chicken Wings Like Hooters

If you like wings from Hooters, and you like them breaded, than this is the article for you! The process of breading wings is discussed in detail from start to finish!

Top 5 Wrong Perception in Having Steamboat and the Right Practice

Many people like to have steamboat for small open house party to invite friends and relatives to gather at home, especially during winter season. But we hardly practice the right steamboat eating method, since we always let it boil and reboil, left the ingredients soak inside the soup and continue to eat for hours. What even worst is, we had these wrong perceptions that think that it is alright to do or ignorantly doing it. Read on to find out what are these wrong perception and how to eat it in the right way.

Make Hot Sauce For Wings Like Hooters

Now you can make delicious hot sauce for wings like Hooters serves. This article takes you by the hand and walks you through the process from turning on the stove to licking your fingers.

How Your Mixer Can Be Your Best Supporter in the Kitchen

With tons of top mixers on the market, how does one choose? Read our article on how to buy the mixer that is right for your cooking needs.

The Basics of Selecting a Sushi Knife Set

According to the kitchen veterans, selecting a sushi knife set is something that requires thorough research as there are certain things you need to know to help you distinguish what seems to look good, from what actually is the best and right for you. If you have a sushi knife set, and have already found out that it doesn’t meet your standards as evidenced by the outcome of your puffer fish or tuna, then you’re about to see why.

Cooking With Dairy Products

Many baking recipes call for the addition of some type of dairy product. Milk and milk products are used in baking to add moisture, flavor, color, and sometimes to start the leavening process. The different grades of milk only vary in fat content. Therefore, they can be used interchangeably in baking. However, if richness is what you are after, whole milk would be the best choice…

Low Cost Meals Ideas – Save on the Cost of Groceries While Giving Your Family Healthy Nourishment

Most of us realize the importance of being able to feed our families well, and as the realities of our economic situation become the ‘new normal’ for us, are seeking healthy low cost meals, and other means to enable ourselves to do it. Here are a few tips you’ll find able to save you in your grocery costs, and yet still cook healthy, and satisfying meals for them.

A Rechargeable Electric Knife Makes Carving Easy

A rechargeable electric knife can be invaluable when carving large joints of meat or a turkey at the table for a special occasion. A rechargeable electric knife will give you better results in less time. Keep your hungry guests happy!

Cheap Valentines Day Breakfast

With Valentines Day quickly approaching I know a lot of men are moaning and groaning about what to do/get for their significant other. If you are like me, then money is tight and trying to find a good gift that costs less than $20-30 makes things even harder.

Smaller Pieces For Safe Cooking

Slow cookers are safe if they are correctly used. Cooks should always use a larger crock pot for larger cuts of meat.

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