CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Christmas Beef Wellington

A Christmas take on a classic dish.

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How to Cook and Eat Snow Crabs

If you love seafood and want to try a new, exciting recipe, serve snow crabs at your next get together. They are easy to make and to clean up. They are more tender than most other types of crabs, and are full of plenty of meat inside. Plus, they are fun to eat and definitely an experience for everyone!

Fantastic Ideas For Preparing a Delicious Variety of Fish

While you may not be familiar with Alaska black cod, it is quickly becoming a popular choice for restaurant chefs and home cooks alike. With it’s rich, buttery flavor, it can stand up to a variety of cooking techniques and styles. Whether you like it rich and sauteed, or fresh and light, there is a dish for just about everyone. Don’t be afraid to try cooking cod at home, as it can be prepared for a simple weeknight dinner, or it can also be jazzed up for a dinner party. Anyway you do it, you are sure to love your creation!

Understanding Baking Leaveners

If you have ever made a loaf of bread or a batch of biscuits and forgot to put in the leavening agent, you quickly realize just how important this one ingredient can be. It’s not like omitting chocolate chips in a chocolate chip cookie recipe or omitting the nuts in your brownies.

The Essential Pairings For Any Salmon Dish

Out of all of malleable fish flavors that navigate the deep oceans, none reign higher than that of the wild Alaskan salmon. There is just something about its light, fresh, savory flavor that allows it to be paired with pretty much any ingredient. But not everyone is a gourmet chef, and with salmon harvest fast approaching that delectable entity is going to be at the top of everyone’s mind.

Tasty Methods For Preparing Alaskan Pollock

Now that cod is no longer the go-to whitefish due to rampant overfishing, chefs and regular shoppers alike are having to seek out better alternatives that are as delicious as they are friendly to the environment. Instead of veering towards the farm-raised route, which has its own set of problems and does not actually offer a sustainable alternative, more and more people are looking towards the waters of Alaska for better options in seafood.

The Wonderful Zojirushi Bread Machine – The Best Bread Maker

You’ll find nothing more desirable than the aroma of fresh-baked bread, right out of the oven. Unfortunately, most of us just lack enough time to prepare our own bread in our own kitchen these days. We tend to accept “artisan” loaves which can be stale and bland when we get them home, or perhaps we simply buy whatever’s in a bag at the store. Fortunately, you will find other choices.

An Easy Guide For Buying Seafood

Amateur chefs and even those experienced in the kitchen can easily become overwhelmed by the process of buying seafood. It is often hard to tell if a particular catch is fresh, and making the wrong choice can ruin an entire meal. Do not be discouraged however. Depending on the type of seafood you are selecting there are some easy tips and tricks to guarantee you are buying the freshest and tastiest product. Obviously, you must first start by going to a high-quality seafood provider.

Add Alaskan Spot Shrimp to Your Favorite Recipes For a Tasty and Nutritious Treat

When it comes to seafood, Alaska’s reputation of providing some of the freshest, purest varieties worldwide is well-deserved. Alaska’s commercial seafood harvest of savory, wild-caught fish supplies global markets with abundant stocks of healthy salmon, pollock, cod, halibut, and shrimp, to name just a few. This article will give you some ideas on how to get started incorporating delicious Alaskan spot shrimp into several of your favorite meals. Alaskan spot shrimp are caught riding along in rapid currents by masterful fisherman using specially designed pots.

Cooking With Fats and Oils

If you are baking, in order to get the right end result, you need add some type of fat. Both fats and oils are added for flavor and tenderness. Without them, the end product will be a bland, rather hard clump. Fats are generally solid at room temperature and can be whipped to incorporate air into them. Oils cannot do this. The success of your recipe depends on using a specific type of oil or fat. The four most popular fats and oils are butter, margarine, hydrogenated vegetable shortening and cooking or flavored oils.

Flour – The Foundation For High-Quality Baking

Baking isn’t a secret art that only a chosen few get to experience. Anyone can become a great baker with time and practice. Aside from having good equipment to work with, having top quality ingredients is key.

Sweetener Basics

Everything needs a little sweetener. Whether you are making a decadent four layer chocolate cake with fudge ganache or a simple peasant bread, a little sweetener is necessary.

The Convenience of a Freezer

I often wonder how people ever managed without a freezer! Imagine having to shop every day and having to cook from scratch every day. It is so much easier to prepare food in advance and freeze it in portions.

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