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Blanching – A Good Way to Cook

In our daily life, we will probably meet some problems. For example we may want to peel the skin of a fruit or a nut, we may want to expand the time of storage for vegetables and fruits. So in this article some most frequently asked questions about blanching will be proposed and answered.

How to Make Your Party Simple But Elegant

To make your party great, have your leafy greens served in a shallow combo-colored bowl. A colorful mix of vegetables makes everything particularly appealing. Serve your fresh fruit salad in a transparent server. Remember that color combination are important to make your food look delectable as possible.

Pancake Knowledge (Don’t Stay Home Without It)

Let’s make some golden brown, crispy, fully cooked pancakes that smell heavenly while on the griddle. First step is to preheat the griddle. This is key. Flame or heat should be between low and medium, but closer to low.

Let’s Get Healthy America!

Eating healthy is a lifestyle that has to be maintained. Though it can be challenging maintaining a family and trying to make sure they eat the right meals, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Some Tips: Chef’s and Their Families

What’s it like to be married to a chef? Chefs are food experts. Of course, they are food lovers.

How To Dehydrate Foods in a Solar Oven

In the simplest of terms, to dehydrate food is to remove the moisture content from the food. This will inhibit the growth of microorganisms which are the primary contributing factor in the decaying process. So drying the food and removing the water will prolong and preserve the life of the food.

Choosing Good Plastic Food Storage

Nowadays, among some kinds of food storage, plastic food storage is one of those mostly chosen. In addition to their relatively low price, the plastic food storage containers have many other benefits as compared to the food storage containers of other materials made of glass, aluminum, and Styrofoam. There are some points to ponder when buying a plastic food storage container. Among them is choosing a food storage container of plastic material safe to be used for storing food or beverages. Good plastic food storage containers will not contaminate foods or beverages stored in it.

Making Sunday Dinner Special Even If You Are Not a Good Cook

Sunday dinner cooking doesn’t have to be as nerve-racking as many of us make it out to be. We simply need to appreciate our efforts with the thought that it’s for the people we love.

50 Reasons You Should Own A Food Processor

Here are 50 uses for a food processor, 50 reasons you should own one if you don’t already. From making butter to shredding veggies, there are many kitchen tasks a food processor can help with.

How To Tell When Your Pineapple Is Ripe

No more breaking into pineapple and finding it woody and unripe. Not only are you going to find the best way to tell when the fruit is at it’s best, you’ll also find a simple yet delicious way to prepare and serve it.

Good Alternatives to Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner

While Turkey is the traditional fare every Thanksgiving, you don’t have to serve it. Seriously, its okay to break from tradition to bring in a little variety. The Turkey lovers will forgive you, and everyone else will be glad for the change.

Are You Still Using Chilli Powder in Your Spicy Dishes?

Chilli powder has long been the favourite for spicing up hot dishes. Find out the advantages of using fresh chillies to cook with and why chilli-heads are loving the heat!

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