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Deliciously simple.

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How to Cook – Cold Smoking Fish

Cold smoking is a very different technique to ordinary hot smoking fish. It gives your fish meat the special salty favor of marinated food.

Chilling Facts – Fridge Food Safety

Your fridge works at slowing the growth of harmful food spoilage germs by keeping them cold. It only takes a few hours of food being at ambient temperature for food spoilage germs to develop and once they start they will multiply rapidly. Here are a few tips on safe fridge food storage.

Cooking Butternut Squash

It is very easy to prepare butternut squash since you do not need a lot of ingredients. You can either use cream or water to mix in with your squash depending on the consistency that you want. You can also use butter and garlic to enhance its flavor.

How to Correctly Cook an Acorn Squash

It is very easy to prepare acorn squash since you have a lot of option on how to cook it. This dish is also appropriate for young children since it contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins.

How to Cook White Rice

The Japanese eat rice on a daily basis. So we all know how to prepare it. However for people not used to cooking rice and using rice cookers there are a few simple steps to follow to ensure that you are able to make the best tasting rice possible.

Do You Know the Difference Between Basic and Gourmet Cooking?

There is really only one qualification for being classified as a gourmet cook. You have to know how to cook from scratch with or without a recipe.

Learn the Basics of Gourmet Cooking – Give it a Try – Enjoy the Adventure

If you think that you are ready for gourmet cooking and would like to bone up on your skills; then buy a cookbook that does not begin with, you must first thaw your hamburger meat before making a hamburger patty. If you know how to go to a supermarket and pick a fine quality English roast and have the butcher grind it to your specifications then you are ready to give gourmet cooking a try. What Cookbooks should you buy?

Cooking Chicken Safely

When dealing with chicken for meals, then cooking chicken safely is very important because of the harmful bacteria that live within and throughout the chicken meat. If the chicken isn’t cooked properly then the bacteria can lead to food poisoning for whoever is eating it.It is therefore important to cook it properly.

Tin Foil Cooking

In nineteen forty-eight, aluminum foil was sold to grocers in sheets and rolls. With the invention of the TV dinner, meals were already prepared and heated in the oven. With the invention of the microwave, fresh meals are prepared ahead and then cooked in a foil pouch or in a baking dish covered with foil. When ready to serve, the meals are heated in the microwave.

The Facts About Healthy, Waterless Cooking

What exactly is waterless cooking? Is it just another new fad? Actually, waterless cooking is not new-it’s been around for quite a long time. However, because of our busy schedules, many of us have abandoned preparing meals at home in favor of dining out, preparing quick snacks or using prepackaged foods. This article will highlight what waterless cooking is, why it is not only more nutritious but convenient and time-saving as well. No longer do you have to sacrifice healthy, tasty meals because of busy time constraints.

Is a Stainless Steel Pan Set Worth the Cost? Points to Consider

Whether you enjoy creating gastronomic delights, or cook purely as means of survival, investing in a good quality stainless steel pan set will certainly make the whole cooking experience more enjoyable. Cost is obviously a deciding factor but if you are buying your first ever set of cooking pots and pans, or replacing old and worn out ones, a stainless steel pan set is definitely worth considering as it will last many years, and will certainly outlast the cheaper pans available on the market.

Enjoy the Challenge of Gourmet Cooking

Gourmet cooking presents a challenge basic cooking does not. Food preparation may require use of various cooking implements foreign to basic cooking.

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