Carrots cake easy to make but yummy

How to Use a Chimney Starter

If you want to barbeque, but don’t want to use lighter fluid because of the chemicals, try a charcoal chimney starter. You can find them online or at your local home maintenance store starting at $20.

Dried Seafood: A Background of Convenience

Dried seafood is among the most popular preserved food consumed by people all over the world. This is practically because the method of food preservation involved, that is, drying, is one, if not the oldest of the methods of preserving food.

Tips for Really Great Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a great treat and making them is a lot of fun. To make the baking and decorating process even easier there are a few simple tips worth following. From mixing the ingredients to frosting, these tips will go a long way towards making the whole process far more enjoyable.

How a Non-Cook Can Become a Top Chef Using Recipe Apps

How Recipe Applications Can Improve Your Health, Diet, Budget and Most Importantly, your Cooking! Mobile application developers have found a myriad of ways to combine our reliance upon smart devices with our need for daily sustenance. The ever popular recipe app has emerged as one of the most popular genre of smart device application available.

What’s for Dinner?

It’s Murphy’s law. When the phone rings the children need attention. When its about 4:45 they begin to question you “what’s for dinner?” This can be a very frustrating time of the day, unless you plan for success.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety Tips

As a restaurant owner, one of your responsibilities is making sure your kitchen is safe from fires. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be difficult. If you install a kitchen fire suppression system in your restaurant and follow these restaurant safety tips, you should be able to stay safe and run smoothly at all times.

The Roots of My Apron Enthusiasm – Why Everyone Needs an Apron

Many of life’s gifts are small, routine practices. Something as simple as putting on an apron can make one feel important, useful, needed and empowered. I explored the roots of why wearing an apron feels so good to me and I share these discoveries with you. I wear an apron, this article tells why. It also tells why you should wear one too.

Healthy Aubergines or Eggplants Are Often Ignored – Why They Should Be Part Of Your Cooking

You may have seen a glossy purple thing sitting on your supermarket shelves, and wondered how you cook it. This article tells you some facts about these vegetables and tells you what you can do with them to make delicious meals.

How To Poach And Steam Fish?

These cooking methods do not require the addition of fat, so they are among the healthiest ways to prepare fish. Poaching means cooking the fish by immersing it in liquid heated to just below the boiling point. Poaching works especially well with oily fish because some of the fat leaches out into the cooking liquid.

How to Feed Your Family Without Stopping at the Drive Through Window

Feeding a large family can be quite the daily challenge. Without any concentrated effort, you may be tempted to stop at the drive through window ore than you would honestly like. Learn the insider secrets of feeding your small army from a mother of 5 boys who never has to stop at a fast food window.

Knowing How to Choose the Most Perfect Power Juicer

It is highly advised for health reasons that people give up drinking packaged products and switch to fresh juice instead. Be it fruit juice or vegetable juice, having a power juicer makes it easier to maintain a supply of fresh juice on a regular basis.

Advantages of Using a Slow Cooker

There are 3 main advantages of using a slow cooker. They let you make great tasting, homemade meals that are ready to serve at dinner time, without you having to be there. They help you stretch your food budget further and increase your nutrition at the same time and they save stress at the end of the day. Dinner is almost ready when everyone gets in the door, and clean up is a breeze.

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