cabbage rice roll easy to make and healthy yummy 😋

Saffron: One of the Richest Spices

Saffron, besides being one of the most exotic and commonly used spices is also the world’s most expensive spice. This has something to do with the fact that in each flower there is only 3 saffron threads. On top of that the only way to extract them is by humans going out and plucking each single thread. All of this along with the fact that it takes 13,000 threads to weigh in at just one ounce and you can see why it’s easily the world’s most expensive spice.

Cooking With Fresh Herbs

To grow or not to grow? That is the question! This chef’s answer is a resounding YES!

What You Need for Your Lawn Kitchen

There are many times when you would wish that you could cook in the open air. When you are looking to cook in open air you should make sure that you have the right things that will enable you to shift your kitchen outside. There are certain things that you need to purchase especially if you are planning to host an outside barbeque. Outside barbeques can be fun but it is necessary that you put your plans to good use when you are hosting your party. Therefore you can make a list of all the equipment that you would need to procure when you are deciding to throw such a party.

Handy Cooking Tips

How often have you wondered what you can add to make a dish taste just that little bit different? Or perhaps you have a baking problem you can’t solve.

Ideas for Decorating a Cake

Whether you’re having a birthday party or you just invited some friends to dinner, it’s hard to surprise your guests with the sweets you baked when you lack ideas for decorating a cake! This is why it’s always useful to know some tips on decorating cakes and creating beautiful and original ornaments!

How to Bake the Best Whole Wheat Bread

If you are new to working with whole wheat or any whole grain flour, you may discover that without a few tricks, you end up with a well made brick. Read more…

Cutting Vegetables – Different Ways to Cut Vegetables

You can do just about anything on your vegetables. It can be sliced, minced, chopped, crushed, tenderized, and julienne, you name it, but the best way to cut vegetables depends on how you’re going to use them. You may simply want to cut food into large pieces in no particular size for longer cooking dishes, or mince them for dishes that cook very quickly, all depends on how you need them for your recipes.

Magefesa Practika Plus Pressure Cooker Provides Quality and Efficiency In Its Use

Magefesa offers several lines of pressure cookers under the category of super fast cookers, but the Magefesa Practika Plus is the only one of all their cookers whose maximum pressure is set at 15 psi(pounds per square inch) the recommended pressure by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) as the safest pressure to target microorganism for food safety. and to provide maximum savings in energy. The Magefesa Practika Plus Pressure cooker is made of 18/10 stainless steel.

Living Corn-Free in a Corn-Filled World!

At the onset of my sister’s corn allergy diagnosis, I began to realize how much unnecessary corn and corn products were being dumped into our food. This article covers how to avoid corn byproducts and why it is so important for our health.

Decorating Tips on Cake Decorating

Tips on cake decorating are widely available today, whether you browse through internet pages or search for them in magazines and cook-books. But is it enough to know how to mix the ingredients and how to add some icing in order to obtain a wonderful decorated cake?

Greens and Grains

Here is some great info on the various greens and grains out there. Nourishing the body with a a variety of grains is healthy and keeps you full (and less likely to oversnack), while giving the body a variety of green vegetables also keeps your cravings for sugar and carbs down.

Want to Save Time and Money in the Kitchen? Try Once a Month Cooking

The idea is to set aside a couple of days where you cook your little heart out. That way your family gets really good dinners for the rest of the month and your time is freed up to do things like enjoy that hot bath or take tap dancing lessons… whatever floats your boat.

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