buti nalang tumubo ang aking tinanim na puno ng saging kahit mainit dito sa saudi

Cooking – The Basics

I have been cooking for approx 40 years, and can produce mediocre, passable and excellent meals, depending on my mood, ingredients and motivation. I have found that most cooks tend to categorize their meals in the same way and it will be near on impossible to cook home meals every day of your life without sometimes (or often) producing just “filling the gap” meals.

How to Make Delicious Authentic Egg Rolls

Do you want to know my secret recipe on how to make delicious authentic egg rolls? As I was growing up in the Philippines, our family often makes dishes repeatedly and it is somewhat impossible not to learn how to make it if we keep doing it so many times. The recipe that I am sharing to you is one of my favorites and it is not something that you will see in the restaurant because everyone has their own version on how to make a dish.

The Most Basic Way to Cook Quinoa

Many quinoa recipes use quinoa that has already been been cooked and prepared before including in a recipe. This is why you hear people talking about cooking quinoa twice.

Preparing & Cooking Safely

There are many facets to the cooking experience, preparing, cutting and handling tools and appliances require concentration…do not get distracted in the kitchen. Keep the work surfaces clean and free of debris.

An Introduction to Thai Food

Thai cuisine has elements in common with both Indian and Chinese food, but offers advantages over both. The aromatic flavours are more prominent and varied than in Chinese food, and the majority of dishes are lighter and less fatty than Indian foods.

20 Head Smacking Food Cooking Tips

A lot of us are often given blurred visions of certain food preparation techniques that we forget many vital processes; thanks to commercialized quick-to-eat food products that make us want to pop them in the oven and voila! There are certain kitchen/cooking metrics that we Food Central do not encourage, but would like you to know so that you can be kitchen-smart. Here are a few simple cooking tips that you might find handy when you do cooking.

How to Cook Quinoa in a Microwave Oven

The standard way to cook quinoa is to cook in in boiling water. You can however cook it in a microwave oven quite easily as this following method shows. These instructions are for a 700watt microwave oven. You will need to adjust your cooking times to suit your equipment.

4 Areas in a Kitchen Least Checked

Whether you’re in a restaurant or at home, cleaning up is a real pain-in-the-nuts. Everyone loves cooking but nobody loves cleaning up. Cooking isn’t just about knowing how to make the right hit on your guest’s palate, it’s also about the divine decor of it, the mess created from it, the clever resemblance and integration of materials, ingredients and equipments, the methods used to produce foods and so forth.

4 Tips to a Better Chicken Soup

Your trash is your gold. Use them. Whenever you have peeled, trimmed, sliced or removed unwanted parts of vegetables, they are your source of ‘sweetness’ in chicken stock.

Cost Control – Cooking Up Wastages

Do you know that your food trash can be utilized and reduce your total food cost? Find out how here.

Thyme is on Your Side – 5 Ideas For Using Thyme in Your Meal Preparation

Thyme – it isn’t spelled like it sounds and can be a mystery to many as to how to use it. Here are some ideas for this member of the mint family.

How to Cook Pasta – Tips and Tools So You Are Not Afraid!

What type of dish is cooked more often all around the world on a daily basis? You are correct – Pasta! Even though we all seem to cook pasta all the time every day, there are many ways you can cook pasta and many ways to ruin pasta. Most mishaps in the kitchen involve some sort of pasta recipes. I am here to tell you not to be afraid.

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