Best Restaurant: “I need to call the police”, Secret Diner | Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay reveals to the owners of thai restaurant Nahm Jim, that he sent in a secret diner to test the food and service.

Gordon Ramsay in search of Britain’s best restaurant. Top restaurants from around the UK compete to win the title.

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High End Dining on a Budget With Tasty Alaska Crab

Of all the shellfish in the world, there is none as lauded as those that make up the Pacific Alaska crab category. This includes the mighty Alaskan King crab as well as the versatile snow crab and the all popular Dungeness crab. These shellfish favorites can make exquisite meals that cost pennies in comparison to the finger licking great taste you’ll savor forever.

All About Pollock, the World’s Most Plentiful Fish

cific Alaska Pollock is one of the world’s most abundant fish. In fact, some have said that it is the last plentiful commercial fish in the world’s oceans. Although populations of the fish in the Pacific are quite healthy and thriving, there are concerns that overfishing may indeed take place; there are furthermore, concerns about whether the heavy fishing of pacific Alaska Pollock will deplete a main food source for Steller sea lions. On the whole, however, Pollock is one of the most sustainable species of commercially caught fish in the seas.

The Top 10 Secrets to Help You Cook Sensational Fish Recipes Outdoors!

Great fish recipes come in various guises, but mainly grilled, poached and baked. But so often the results are disappointing! So, when cooking fish outdoors what are some of the secrets of success? Here are 10 recommendations best assuring exceptional results.

Boosting Your Meals From Good to Great!

From seasonings to substitutions, what to add and what to omit. A few simple tips can go a long way in boosting your food from good to GREAT!

A Whole World of Flavor and Possibilities in a Can

The variety of recipes out there means that whatever craving or occasion strikes; there is a dish to answer every need. Canned salmon works beautifully whether placed in a light salad or mixed into a rich and creamy chowder. One of the tastiest recipes using canned salmon is for cheesy salmon pasta. While this is not the healthiest of dishes you can prepare with canned salmon, it is certainly one of the most sinfully delicious. If you need to feed a large crowd or have a hearty appetite yourself, this meal will surely satisfy the hungriest of audiences.

Great and Delicious Things Come in Small Packages, and Cans!

The versatility of salmon, including the canned variety, means that it fits well into almost any kind of recipe you wish to tackle. Whether it is a light, citrus salad with some salmon mixed in or a hearty Southern style casserole, salmon brings the perfect flavor and texture to any dish. Of the multitude of recipes with canned salmon there is one in particular that takes a traditional Southern dish and gives it a little taste of the coast with the addition of some lovely canned salmon. This recipe is for a salmon bake with green beans and a lovely white sauce.

There’s Nothing Like the Real Thing When Cooking With Salmon

The beauty of genuine Alaska salmon is that it needs virtually no help from the chef in order to reach its full flavor potential. The naturally great taste of the fish means that even the most novice cook has a good shot of executing a successful meal. Even if all there is in the kitchen is a little salt and pepper that is all that is necessary for some good eating to take place. A basic marinade can make any salmon dinner into a memorable meal. With a little bit of rice or grilled vegetables on the side you have made a delicious, well rounded meal for everyone to enjoy.

Tin Helps Lock in the Flavor and Nutrition You Need

Spice is something that varies person to person; some love it while others whimper at the thought of having too much ground pepper on their salad. If you are entertaining a crowd with more fortified palettes then why not try something a little more daring and throw in an extra kick to the dish. One of the best tinned salmon recipes is for a salmon fry with an Indian twist. The twist is where the spice comes in and the flavor of the dish really comes alive. All it takes are a few ingredients, a bit of your time, and just like that there is a delightful and filling meal ready to be served.

Creative Serving and Entertaining Ideas

I love to cook and bake and I am always looking for some helpful kitchen and cooking tips along with some creative entertaining ideas. If you are entertaining for 2 or for a crowd, your dining area doesn’t need to be fancy nor expensive. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Guide to Using Your Microwave

When it comes to using your microwave there are some basics that you need to remember to obtain the optimum results that you are seeking. Always observe manufacturer’s instructions when operating your microwave oven. It’s important to keep the oven interior clean from spills and splatters, especially around doors and seals.

How to Make Gae Ran Malee (Rolled Omelette)

Gae Ran Malee is another Korean side dish that has been around for a while. While preparing and making the dish is incredibly easy, Koreans never get tired of this dish because of the versatility of the ingredients that can go into making this dish. This version of the rolled omelet includes ham and seaweed. Here is how to make this Korean side dish.

How to Make Ojingeochae Bokeum (Stir Fried Dried Squid)

Dried squid, in the Korean olden times, used to be a snack people could chew on while they were busy with work or attending school. Now, it is a very familiar side dish among Korean lunches. But besides the regular dried squid, people have come up with different ways to enjoy it, one of them noticeably by adding a bit of spice and frying it to make Stir Fried Dried Squid.

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